Can you cheat at online exams?

Can you cheat at online exams?

Studying at the university can take on completely new dimensions, especially with online exams. Online exams are no longer just about cheat sheet ideas, but above all about plagiarism and so-called collusion. That is why plagiarism is also gaining in importance when it comes to cheating in the university in times of Corona.

How does an online exam work?

Onken logs in via the administration portal of your university to register for the exam. Less than ten minutes later, the proctor, the watchdog, reports to her. He monitors online via the cameras of her notebook and tablet that she is not cheating.

How do you write exams in distance learning?

For written exams, however, you usually have to write them under supervision at the university or in a study center. Only at one single distance learning university can students write their exams from home.

How are the exams at the Iubh?

Regardless of whether it is an online exam or a face-to-face exam directly on site: the exams at the IUBH are always structured in the same way. More precisely, this means that the IUBH exams are always made up of around 50% (semi) open questions and 50% closed questions.

How does it work with distance learning?

With most distance learning programs, you will take an exam at the end of the distance learning course in order to successfully complete your distance learning. You can acquire various degrees in distance learning, from the IHK certificate to the academic degree of a master’s. Type of exam you took.

Do you have a semester break with distance learning?

Distance learning does not exclude vacations and vacations, although there are no typical vacations such as semester breaks. If the distance student divides his time well and learns with weekly units, he can determine study-free days and “holidays” himself.

How time-consuming is distance learning?

Conclusion. Academic distance learning is extremely time-consuming and organizationally demanding. At the beginning of the semester you will receive a stack of documents that you should ideally have mastered by the exam date. In addition to working on the study books, it may be necessary to

Is the Iubh recognized by the state?

The IUBH is a state-recognized and accredited university. The recognition confirms the high quality of both the courses and the teaching.

What is a graduation fee?

You have to transfer the graduation fee yourself on the date of the final examination. This is due with the registration for the final examination (colloquium) and has to be paid within 14 days.

What is a specialist presentation?

Technical presentations represent 1: n communication. The information from the sender is selectively recorded by the recipient. The recipient is particularly aware of what he likes to hear.

How is one graded in the course of study?

Together with the accreditation agencies, the Accreditation Council ensures the quality of the teaching content and methods. Your performance in the modules will be graded and incorporated into the final grade of your entire degree. In addition, you have to collect a certain number of credit points as part of the course of your studies.

How many hours do distance learning study?

On average, you should calculate 12 – 20 hours per week for a part-time course, regardless of whether it is evening course, weekend course or distance learning.

How long does a part-time study last?

A bachelor’s degree that you complete full-time – i.e. 40 hours per week – usually lasts up to three years. If you are studying part-time – usually 15 to 20 hours per week – you will have to plan four to five years to graduate.

Which students need to study the most?

There is a large gap in the individual subjects: The front runners when it comes to learning are veterinarians who, with a whopping 44.6 hours per week, study almost twice as much as sociologists, who bring up the rear with 22.6 hours.

Is distance learning easier?

Distance learning at the Fernuniversität Hagen will usually be cheaper than face-to-face studies, for the simple reason that there are no regular travel expenses. It looks a little different at private distance learning universities. Course fees well above what has to be paid for face-to-face studies.

How is distance learning recognized?

Academic distance learning is generally recognized in principle. The distance learning university must be recognized by the state and the distance learning course must be accredited. The distance universities themselves advertise with the appropriate seals, so that the recognition is very easily visible.

Is distance learning worth less?

On the internet, the opinion about the value of a successfully completed distance learning course or part-time evening course seems to be very divided. Some say: completing a distance learning course at a distance learning university would be less valuable than completing a degree at a face-to-face university.

Why is distance learning so expensive?

In the case of distance learning, the costs depend on various factors. This includes the duration and type of distance learning as well as any seminars abroad, face-to-face appointments or the intensity of support. Academic distance learning courses, for example, are usually significantly more expensive than those with internal degrees.

How much does distance learning cost?

A cheap bachelor’s distance learning course costs between 1,500 and 8,000 euros, the average is 11,000 to 13,000 euros. The distance learning master’s course is also at most universities at 12,000 and 13,000 euros.

Why is the Fernuni Hagen so cheap?

The distance university in Hagen is the first and only state distance university in Germany. The Fernuni is largely financed by funds from the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. For this reason, the total costs for the courses are significantly cheaper than at private distance learning universities.

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