Can you get a doctorate in psychology?

Can you get a doctorate in psychology?

If you want to study psychology, it is recommended to aim for a master’s degree. The doctorate, on the other hand, is not the Olympus that every psychology student wants to climb. You can certainly get a doctorate if you want to do research, for example, but it is not a must.

How much do you earn with a doctorate?

Engineers and natural scientists receive around 12,000 euros more with a doctorate than their colleagues with a master’s degree. The front runner, however, are lawyers with a doctorate, because with an average annual salary of around 78,300 euros they exceed the salary of a Master’s graduate by 33,000 euros.

In which subjects can you do a doctorate?

A doctorate is widespread, especially in the natural sciences and medicine, and is still relatively common in mathematics. A doctorate can be particularly important in the natural sciences. But a doctorate can also bring advantages in the other departments presented.

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