Can you go from middle school to high school?

Can you go from middle school to high school?

From the middle school, the child can change from the 5th to the 6th grade of the Gymnasium or the Realschule. Year of Gymnasium is possible after a successful entrance exam and probationary period.

What is the M train?

The Mittlere-Reife-Zug, also M-Zug, M-branch or M-Class, is part of the Bavarian school system and an intermediate school-leaving certificate in addition to the qualified vocational training qualification (Quali).

How long does the M branch last?

Zusmarshausen – an offer school. The M-Zug is a four-year course in the Augsburger Land West school network at the Zusmarshausen location for the “intermediate school leaving certificate”. It goes from grade 7 to grade 10. Attending the M-train is voluntary.

What do I do after middle school?

After successfully completing the (new) middle school, the pupils can attend an upper level of the general secondary school (AHS upper level) or a vocational middle or higher school.

How long is middle school?

The middle school covers the grades 5 to 9 or 5 to 10. The teaching is strongly geared to job-related content. Possible degrees are: the successful completion of middle school, the qualifying degree of middle school, the middle school leaving certificate at middle school.

What can you study with a high school diploma?

If you have at least a secondary school leaving certificate, but no Abitur, you can take up part-time studies at Hochschule Fresenius if you have a master’s certificate or have completed state-recognized advanced training.

Can you study as a secondary school student?

However, studying with a secondary school leaving certificate – as with a secondary school leaving certificate – requires proof of professional experience or the subsequent acquisition of a higher school leaving certificate: the Abitur. Unfortunately, direct admission to the course without one of these two requirements is not possible.

When is it better to leave high school?

You don’t have to leave the Gymnasium if the teachers recommend it, but if certain conditions are met (e.g. failing twice in a row).

Can you go to a normal high school after high school?

A relatively large number of pupils decide to switch to the Gymnasium after successfully completing the Realschule – usually after the 10th grade. In the core subjects in particular, they must have a certain average grade and, if necessary, pass an entrance examination.

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