Can you just move to another country like that?

Can you just move to another country like that?

If you are a German citizen and want to move to another EU country, you can do so at any time and without special permission. However, the situation is different if you want to move to a non-EU country, also known as a third country. Then a special visa is required. And possibly an extra work permit.

Can you just move to Switzerland like that?

Switzerland is in the middle of Europe, but you can’t travel in and out as freely as elsewhere in Switzerland because it’s not a member of the EU. So if you want to stay longer, work there or emigrate to Switzerland, you have to go to the office of the respective canton.

What speaks against emigration?

The first argument against emigration is that you simply have to leave everything behind. Of course you can take some belongings with you into your new life, but you will have to leave all your friends, acquaintances and relatives behind for better or worse.

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