Can you leave the Bundeswehr if you have committed yourself?

Can you leave the Bundeswehr if you have committed yourself?

Professional soldiers cannot simply resign from the Bundeswehr (BW) and leave the Bundeswehr prematurely. In principle, however, you can apply for dismissal at any time in accordance with Section 46 SG. In the case of temporary soldiers, however, such a release is not possible. There are some exceptions to this for soldiers.

Can you give notice as a soldier?

The termination is a possibility to unilaterally end an employment relationship. In contrast to professional soldiers, however, temporary soldiers have no option to resign. Under certain conditions, you can shorten your period of service as a regular soldier or be dismissed from the Bundeswehr at your own request.

What happens if you no longer go to the armed forces?

Of course, “just not going there” doesn’t work anyway – this is a criminal offense (desertion) and can be punished with imprisonment of several years. In this case one would of course be “fetched”, as you put it. Otherwise it is desertion and that will be punished.

How long do I have to sign up for the Bundeswehr?

Usually the commitment period is at least two years. This includes voluntary military service as a special civic engagement of six to 23 months duration (Section 58b (1) SG). 122,154 soldiers serve on time in the Bundeswehr (October 2020), 17,720 of them women.

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