Can you put a consignment in the mailbox?

Can you put a consignment in the mailbox?

Books and goods can be posted via the mailbox or in all Deutsche Post branches. It should be noted that the consignment is labeled “BÜWA” above the address. A posting list is not required.

Where can I drop off a consignment of goods?

You can drop a SHIPMENT like a letter in any mailbox and hand it in at any Deutsche Post branch. Seal the shipment in such a way that our employees can easily open and close it to check compliance with the tariff requirements.

What can you throw in the mailbox?

As long as it fits in the mailbox and has the correct postage, you can post anything. Items that require special treatment must of course be handed in at the counter, i.e. registered mail, parcels. Do you mean the yellow mailboxes from the post office now?

Can you put a maxi letter in the mailbox?

By the way, you can throw a maxi letter in a mailbox as long as the opening is big enough. If it doesn’t fit, you can drop off the shipment at a Deutsche Post branch or at a Packstation.

How many letters can you put in the mailbox?

In summary, this means that for franking machine users with daily small amounts of franking up to an average of 15 letters, for example, the mailbox is a convenient way of posting letters.

Can you put a package in the mailbox?

There is a barcode on each sticker that is read. A LabelCode is also attached to postage stamps or the like. So you can put the parcel in the mailbox or drop it past the queue at the counter. The post and DHL then do the work.

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