Can you quote in the conclusion?

Can you quote in the conclusion?

It is allowed to quote in the conclusion, but the point is that you summarize your own research and your results. Therefore, you will often not have to refer to sources in the conclusion.

What can you write in a conclusion?

In your conclusion, you sum up your work. You should summarize your key statements and results concisely. In conclusion, you should by no means introduce new aspects of your topic. Avoid quotations here too, because you are presenting your own research results here!

What should be included in the end of a master’s thesis?

The conclusion of your master’s thesis should contain the following components: a summary of the most important results, an answer to the research question, a classification in the current state of research, a view of future research.

How is a master’s thesis structured?

The structure of your master’s thesis consists of the main chapters, introduction, main part and conclusion, as well as formal content such as cover sheet, directories and attachments.

What is important in a master’s thesis?

The most important things about writing your master’s thesis at a glance The structure and schedule should be in place before you start writing your master’s thesis. The topic must be scientifically relevant and interest you in the long term. Regular contact with your supervisor saves you errors and extra work.

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