Can you quote lectures?

Can you quote lectures?

According to the APA guidelines, lecture slides or handouts are given a reference in the text and an entry in the bibliography. When publicly available, they are cited like a normal internet resource.

Can you quote the Duden?

Using the Duden as a source The Duden is a dictionary of German spelling. In your academic work, for example, you can use it as a source for definitions. If you use content from the Duden, you have to cite the full source in your text.

How do I quote a conversation?

A published interview is cited like the source in which the interview is …. The reference in the text by Harvard and German citation consists of: Name of the interviewed person, ‘interview’, ‘personal interview’, ‘interview with’ etc., if applicable. Place, date, reference to attachment.

How do I quote an oral statement?

An oral statement is usually not entered in the bibliography, but is noted as a source in the text or in a footnote.

How do you quote podcasts?

If you want to quote a podcast, you have to give the full source information … The source information consists of the following information: moderator, date, title and, if applicable, number of the podcast episode.[Art des Podcasts]Name of the podcast, if applicable. Production Company.URL.

How do you identify Instagram as a source?

You can quote posts from Instagram and social media by citing the source in the text and in the bibliography. In your full source citation, state in square brackets that this is an Instagram post.

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