Can you shorten satellite cable?

Can you shorten satellite cable?

If the inner conductor is still too long, it can also be subsequently shortened to the required length with side cutters.

What does dB mean for satellite cable?

How many dB should the SAT cable have (shielding)? The shielding attenuation is specified in dB. Put simply, the higher the dB value of the satellite cable, the higher the protection against external sources of electromagnetic interference.

What is a coaxial cable simply explained?

Coaxial cables, or coax cables for short, are two-pole cables with a concentric structure. They consist of an inner conductor (also called a core), which is surrounded by a hollow-cylindrical outer conductor at a constant distance.

What do you need a coaxial cable for?

The coaxial cable, also called coax cable or antenna cable for short, is ideal for transmitting high-frequency, broadband signals. Only a few are familiar with the coaxial cable from the home network, but it is still used in radio and television.

What does a coaxial cable carry?

The coaxial cable is also commonly referred to as an antenna cable, satellite cable or coax. It is responsible for transmitting video and audio signals to the TV. The signal that you receive through your antenna has to get to your TV somehow.

How can I check a coaxial cable?

Hi! You need a multimeter with which man can measure the resistance. Set to resistance (ohms) and hold a test wire at each end. However, if the shield of the coax cable and the wire strand inside already have continuity, then the cable should also work.

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