Can you start a sentence with for example?

Can you start a sentence with for example?

I wouldn’t use the abbreviation at the beginning of a sentence. For example I would write: At the beginning of a sentence I would not write “ZB” but “For example”. Both shapes are possible in the middle, I would normally write it out, but that’s more a matter of style.

When is ss or ß written?

The s-rules We always write a ß when the vowel (vowel) is pronounced long. So the ß lengthens the vowel. In addition, the ß comes after a long umlaut (ä, ö, ü) or diphthong (doubles like eu, ei, au, etc.).

Which words are spelled with ß?

s – ss – ßß after a long vowel. nouns. fun, foot, penance, salute, road, soot, dumpling, raft, bump, measure, grub, vessel, gravy, lap ß after a diphthong noun. diligence, bouquet, semolina, watering can, chisel, sweat, skewer, scourge, ss after a short vowel. nouns.

When then and when then?

One never uses dan, the word does not exist in German. “then” doesn’t exist. The word “dan” does not exist. It’s always “then”.

When do you write and when do you?

Mann is a normal noun and denotes a masculine person. For example in the sentence “A man and a woman are two people” or in “My husband works at the post office” or in the novel title “Three men in the snow.” The word man, on the other hand, is an indefinite pronoun in the singular. It roughly means “the people”.

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