Can you study medicine without a high school diploma?

Can you study medicine without a high school diploma?

Access to higher education through professional advancement training If you have successfully completed professional advancement training, you can apply for medical studies without a high school diploma according to the vocational training college admissions ordinance.

How much does a doctor make?

How much do doctors earn in the hospital?JobAverage annual salary (gross)Chief Physician150,000 – 450,000 eurosSenior Physician90,000 – 165,000 eurosSpecialist 70,000 – 95,000 eurosResident 55,000 – 70,000 euros

What can you do with a medical degree?

Medical studies primarily train you to work as a doctor. Most doctors work after specialist training either in a medical facility – for example a hospital or a medical and rescue service. Some set up their own practices.

What do you learn in medical school?

In the “preclinical”, i.e. from the 1st to the 4th semester, you learn the scientific basics of medicine, with the most important subjects anatomy, physiology and biochemistry. In nine semesters, the different areas of medicine are covered, such as internal medicine, pediatrics and so on.

How stressful is medical school really?

Sure, there are phases in medical studies that are extremely stressful, for example shortly before important certificates and exams. And the organization of everyday life with lectures, internships, traineeships and student part-time jobs can be extremely exhausting.

How much free time do you have when studying medicine?

At the beginning of the semester it is much easier to plan a lot of leisure time alongside your studies and you should. However, the closer the exam dates get, the more active learning and therefore less free time is. However, you should never miss meetings with friends, sports, etc.

How many people drop out of medical school?

You can find more information about this here. According to the study, 29 percent of all bachelor students drop out – 32 percent at universities and 27 percent at technical colleges.

How many students drop out of their first degree?

29 percent of those starting their bachelor’s degree do not graduate. The German Center for Higher Education Research and Science Studies (DZHW) has conducted a comprehensive study on university dropouts.

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