Can you transfer money to a credit card?

Can you transfer money to a credit card?

If you want to transfer money to the credit card, you can make the transfer in online banking, order it at the counter or use a conventional transfer form. Some banks, such as Postbank, also offer telephone banking.

How much can you transfer?

How much money can I transfer to another institute in one day? Hello Meike, there is no specific transfer limit. You can make transfers in the amount of your credit balance in your account or in the amount of your overdraft facility (granted account overdraft).

How much can you transfer in one day?

The total transfer limit is € 3,000 per day, regardless of how many smaller or larger amounts you transfer. If you want to transfer money from one of your accounts to the other, there is no limit, so it is “limit-neutral”.

How much can I transfer with Elba?

Set your own limits. Because now you can set your transfer limits individually in My ELBA. Depending on the requirements and the amount available, you can increase your limits for transfers with cardTAN or pushTAN up to 100,000 euros – simply in My ELBA under “Profile & Settings.

How much money can you transfer to Raiffeisenbank?

You can make your transfer directly. The limit change is possible for your own and joint accounts up to € 25,000. You can find the process in online banking in the Banking> Service> Accounts and contracts> Change transfer limit tab.

How can I transfer with Elba?

The order can be placed in Raiffeisen Internetbanking Mein ELBA – the availability of the recipient bank is automatically checked before it is carried out. In the transfer mask, click on “Further details” and then select “Express transfer” as the type of execution.

How fast can you transfer money?

If you make a transfer in online banking, in this case we speak of an electronic transfer, this may take a maximum of one banking day. Specifically, this means that your transfer should generally reach the recipient’s account within less than 24 hours.

How long does the transfer take from the machine?

If you make a transfer via the self-service service / online, there is a deadline that is a maximum of one banking day. For paper transfers / telephone banking, where this is recorded manually: 2 days.

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