Can you work as a nurse for the health insurance company?

Can you work as a nurse for the health insurance company?

Further care jobs for registered health and nurses without shift work can e.g. B. diabetes advisors, geriatric nurses, work in specialist practices or an examiner or coding specialist for the medical service of the health insurance (MDK).

What are the health care professions?

Healthcare Professions 0 vacant apprenticeship positions, midwife / obstetrician. 2 vacant training positions. Dental assistant. Health and nurse. Occupational therapist. Dietician. Dual degree in physiotherapy. Speech therapist.

What professions are there in a doctor’s practice?

Medical professions – job profiles Medical scientist. Medical assistant area. Medical Assistant – MFA (Medical Assistant) Nursing Division. Health and nurse (nurse) in the elderly care. Therapy area. Pharmacy. Medical technology area. Rescue service area.

What is the hardest job?

Here are five of the toughest jobs in the world: apnea diver. In apnea diving, divers are underwater for minutes without oxygen. Astronauts. Firefighters. Deep sea fishermen. Stunt men and women.

What can you do with an MFA training for other professions?

This can be, for example, as a clerk, office manager or sales person in a company that is part of the healthcare sector. On Mfa with a difference, you will find many alternative job opportunities that you can pursue with your knowledge and skills as a medical assistant.

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