Can you write a doctoral thesis in pairs?

Can you write a doctoral thesis in pairs?

As a rule, a doctoral student works on his chosen topic alone. Occasionally, however, there is also the possibility that two or three doctoral students work on one topic or on two closely related topics. Every doctoral candidate must have worked independently and scientifically.

How long does a defense of a doctoral thesis take?

In general, the disputation consists of the disputation lecture, the defense of the dissertation, a possible examination on the subject and the subsequent grading. The disputation is public and lasts approximately 60-90 minutes.

Do you have student status as a doctoral candidate?

According to the guidelines of the health insurance companies, doctoral candidates are usually no longer students. After all, those who have completed the exam are available to the labor market and can no longer refer to student status.

How does the doctorate work?

Individual doctorate The application proceeds as follows: Contact the doctoral supervisor. If they give their approval, the examination office gives them the right to do a doctorate. With the authorization to do a doctorate, you can enroll at the student office for doctoral studies.

Can I do a doctorate without having completed a degree?

The answer from the universities is clearly defined: In order to obtain a doctorate, you have to have a degree: master’s degree, diploma, state examination. But you can also do your doctorate without studying, provided you find a so-called doctoral supervisor.

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