Can you write a lot of greetings?

Can you write a lot of greetings?

With long correspondence, in which numerous mails switch back and forth, you can also use Greetings to vary your greeting. Many greetings are more informal than formal and less personal than, for example, best regards.

What can I write instead of best regards?

MfG / mfg Sincerely. LG / lg love greetings. VG / vg Best regards.

What do you write at the end of a French letter?

Veuillez recevoir, monsieur / madame, mes salutatuions distinguées (formal) Translated literally, this means in German “Please accept, Mr./Mrs., My best regards” and is used for general business or formal emails.

How do you write a letter in French?

Monsieur (Dear Sir) – General form of address when writing to a man. Madame (Dear Madam) – General salutation when writing to a woman. Madame, Monsieur (Dear Sir or Madam) – General form of address if the recipient’s gender is not known.

How do you say goodbye in France?

The most common expression of saying “goodbye” in French is “au revoir” …. Use “salut” as a casual goodbye. Avoid using salut on formal occasions. Be aware that you can say salut when you are someone greeted as well as when you say goodbye to someone.

How can I write an email in French?

I am writing to inform you that As-tu prévu quelque chose pour…? Merci pour l’envoi de / l’invitation pour / l’information sur… Je te suis très reconnaissant (e) de m ‘ avoir fait savoir que / offert / écrit… Ce fut très aimable à toi de m’écrire / m ‘inviter / m’envoyer…

How do you greet in France?

Greeting in France Typical for France are the cheek kisses when greeting. It greets friends and good acquaintances. But: This does not mean fervent smooches, rather the “bises” air kisses that are sent towards the cheek.

How do you greet each other in Germany?

used: For example Grüß Gott! in southern Germany or (Moin) Moin! in north Germany. All forms are the same for the you or you form. Again, it is rude if the greeting is not answered. The expected answer: (Good) afternoon! / Hi! / Good day!

How do you greet each other in other countries?

In many Latin American countries, people greet each other with handshakes, hugs, kisses on the cheeks and repeated handshakes and pats on the shoulder. The Turkish kiss on the hand is common in Turkey: the other’s hand is first brought to the lips and then to the forehead.

How do the French greet each other in the evening?

The traditional French greeting during the day, the French greet each other with Bonjour. As soon as it is evening you should say Bonsoir (“Good evening”).

Which cheek do you kiss first?

Right before left applies: always lean to the left first, towards the other person’s right cheek. How many kisses are ok In Germany you usually kiss twice (right and left), in Switzerland and Belgium three times, in Paris even four times – but only twice in the rest of France.

How often do you kiss in France?

How often the French kiss depends on the region. The Parisians limit themselves to 2 x, but outside the capital of France, the number of kisses as a greeting varies greatly. So if you want to do it right on vacation, you can immerse yourself in regional kiss etiquette.

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