Can you write to the police?

Can you write to the police?

Before you start writing the cover letter for the police, you should deal with the formal criteria. When writing a cover letter for the police, it is important to emphasize that the applicant’s character traits are very suitable for the police profession.

How do I apply properly to police?

Police application: Cover letter with meaningful content. No empty phrases. Do not repeat the CV. Do not copy others. No subjunctive. Answer four W-questions. Arguments with enthusiasm. Prove your skills with examples. Score with knowledge about the police. More Entries… •

How can you be a police officer?

Requirements: How do I become a police officer? At least secondary school diploma with completed vocational training or secondary school leaving certificate, for high service Abitur. Citizenship of an EU country, alternatively possession of a permanent residence permit. Fluency in spoken and written German. Other entries …

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