Can you write your bachelor thesis at another university?

Can you write your bachelor thesis at another university?

If you basically have the opportunity to write your bachelor thesis externally, you usually have to submit an application for external implementation. This application usually has to be submitted several weeks before the start of the thesis and does not replace the regular registration of the bachelor thesis!

Who is allowed to supervise a bachelor thesis?

Who can be the supervisor of the bachelor thesis? Not everyone who holds lectures and seminars in everyday university life also has permission to supervise a bachelor thesis. Instead, the department specifies who is eligible as a supervisor and examiner. Most institutes have lists of possible supervisors for this purpose.

Who is allowed to be the second examiner for his bachelor thesis?

Second examiners for the bachelor thesis must be experienced in professional practice and training who have a technical connection to the topic of the thesis. You must have a university degree (at least a Bachelor or Diploma (FH)).

Who controls the bachelor thesis?

Basically, the grade of the bachelor thesis is based on the assessment of two examiners: The first examiner is usually the supervisor. He awards the first grade. Most universities have a second examiner. The second examiner also awards a grade.

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