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Candles and their beneficial effects in the living room according to Feng Shui

Did you know that candlelight has an optimal effect on our wellbeing? The candles are one of the strong influences in Feng Shui teaching, as they significantly increase the positive energetic effect in a room. We’ll show you how to properly choose and strategically place them to achieve the effect you want:

To invite passion into the bedroom

Red candles affect life energy

Red stands for passion, which is why red candles are placed in the bedroom to strengthen the life energy

To improve your relationship with your partner, it is advisable to put two red candles in the northernmost corner of your home and in the bedroom. Ignite them twice a day. Stay around both candles often. Do you like scented candles? Then aromas such as roses, ylang-ylang or jasmine would be suitable.

To be in the spotlight more often

Candlelight effect influence Feng Shui

Candles in all designs are used to balance Yin and Yang, depending on Feng Shui

The candles can bring the positive energy and attention of your friends, relatives and co-workers to you. 9 red candles are required for this effect. It should be placed in a remote part of the house. The candles are then lit once a day, usually in the evening.

To lighten the mood

Living room Candles bring good luck

Placed in different places in the living room, they contribute to our personal happiness

If your room seems gloomy, the yin component in the room is probably too strong. In order to influence the balance of energies, three green candles are placed next to the door of the room. Lavender, mint or bergamot are suitable among the scented candles.

To strengthen creativityn

Insert blue candles in interior places

Blue candles increase our creativity

If your everyday routine is a little disrupted, you have to let yourself be inspired in the short term. Place 8 blue candles in a nearby left corner. Turn on the candles in the evening. The scent of thyme, lemon and rosemary have a positive effect.

To improve the state of health

Place yellow candles on health table

The yellow candle helps us with health problems

Do you suffer from metabolic disorders or arthritis? Do you have eye problems or irritated skin? In this case, place 5 yellow candles on the kitchen table and let their candlelight shine once a day. Square candles are the best choice in this case.

To become independent from the partner

Light the green pillar candle every day

Lighting a candle once a day is considered a sacred act in many traditions

The lit candles radiate a lot of energy, which supports the feeling of self-sufficiency. Do you feel strongly attached to your parents, children, friends or to your spouse? In this case, put a pillar candle on the bathroom door and light it once a day. Relaxing aromas like Geranium are sure to hit the mark.

To be able to relax better

Scented candles relaxation calm harmony

Bring peace and relaxation to everyday life with candlelight

Are your days busy? Do they go away without bringing you any fun or pleasure? Place 6 white taper candles in a nearby right-hand corner of the house. In the evening they are lit, suitable aromas would be orange or lemon. Soon you will enjoy freedom and personal happiness.

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