Candy Thomas

Real Estate Professional – Candy Thomas

Candy Thomas is an experienced real estate professional dedicated to connecting her clients’ needs with their dream homes. She takes great care in working toward their individual goals.

A playful take on the No. 4 fragrance, this juice perfume channels youthful energy while maintaining sophistication. Red fruits and cherry are prominent notes at first, followed by Tiare Flower and Raspberry Bloom that offers soft sweetness in between.

Early Life and Education

Early years are of vital importance in human development, as billions of neurons form connections that lay the groundwork for lifelong health, learning and behavior. Studies show that positive experiences and environments can help children flourish while trauma can have lasting negative repercussions.

Tradition plays an integral part of Anthony-Thomas operations, with company president Nick Zanetos acknowledging some of the recipes his great-great grandfather created before Columbus, Ohio-based Anthony-Thomas was established. He feels prideful of this family legacy and feels connected with younger generations of workers at Anthony-Thomas.

In this SCTV segment from 1981, audience members choose an original musical title as inspiration for an entirely improvised show featuring Spider Loc (G Unit), Master P and Buck Henry.

Professional Career

Candy has extensive experience in public sector grant administration. She has written and overseen over $30 Million worth of grant projects for cities, counties, non-profits and state government agencies.

She gained widespread North American renown as an cast member on Edmonton and Toronto-based comedy-variety show Second City Television (SCTV), playing memorable characters like unscrupulous street-beat TV personality Johnny LaRue, 3-D horror auteur Doctor Tongue and talk-show sidekick Billy B. Williams.

Candy began appearing in Hollywood films during the mid-1980s, including box office failure Splash (1984) and comedies Summer Rental and Volunteers. He also made appearances as Richard Pryor’s best friend on Brewster’s Millions (1985) and in Cool Runnings (1993).

Achievement and Honors

Candy Thomas and her Papago Candy Stripers earned numerous honors and awards throughout her lifetime, most notably receiving first place from Parents Magazine for teenage public service in 1961 for their efforts at an Indian hospital in Sells, Arizona.

She has extensive experience as a grant writer and community development consultant for cities, counties, non-profit organizations and governments – writing and administering more than $30 Million worth of grants!

Anthony-Thomas Candy Company has become one of the Midwest’s largest family-owned and operated candy companies, with 14 retail locations, wholesale division and contract manufacturing division. Additionally, over 200 employees work at Anthony-Thomas Candy and more recently a fourth generation has joined its ranks. As such, business continues to thrive!

Personal Life

Candy Thomas is not only a businessperson; she is an integral part of her community. As an educator for homebuyers from beginning to end in their process of home purchase, Candy offers assistance using her extensive education and knowledge to meet each client’s unique goals.

Anthony-Thomas prides itself on its tradition, and Nick was immersed in its operations from an early age. According to him, Anthony Zanetos created many of the recipes still utilized today in their operations.

This SCTV classic from 1981 features the MacKenzie Brothers, John Candy and Dave Thomas with Eddie Moranis, Buck Henry and Charis Thomas as the cast. Audience members give titles for musicals that have yet to be written; whatever comes first becomes the basis of that evening’s completely improvised show.

Net Worth

Thomas eventually took a step away from public view and turned his talents towards behind-the-scenes work like directing. Specifically, he directed three episodes of Last Man Standing from 2014-15.

His film career included It Came From Hollywood, Stripes, Run Cool Summer Rental and Armed and Dangerous as well as appearing on Masters of the Menace TV show.

Thomas was also known for hosting Radio Kandy, an adult contemporary music countdown show on Premiere Networks that was syndicated to radio stations nationwide. Additionally, he co-owned the Toronto Argonauts in Canadian Football League and was widely known for his wry sense of humor and distinctive facial expressions; additionally he was an accomplished musician and singer.

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