Canine Chaos Card Game How To Play

If you’ve never played Canine Chaos, you’re in for a treat. The game features four hilarious pet portraits from Clint Eastwoof and Will Sniff. You can play it with up to eight people and has a fun twist. Your dogs can be trained with toys, treats, or tricks. The first player must train their dogs and create a pack of five to seven dogs. Alpha traits allow players to break the rules and give them the ability to train their dogs. To use this trait, the Alpha Dog and one additional dog must be present.

This game features 25 hilarious canine celebrities. It’s fast-paced and difficult to put down. It’s available in the UK for just PS4.99, so get your friends together to start playing! You’ll be glad that you did. You should also buy a deck or playing cards as the game can be quite expensive.

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