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Jose Canseco will release his tell-all book Juiced: Wild Times, Rampant ‘Roids, Smash Hits and How Baseball Got Big on February 19.

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Professional Career

Canseco was highly prolific during his early stages, averaging 32 home runs and 125 RBIs every 162 games played, winning both home run titles as an American League Rookie of the Year winner as well as earning two Rookie of the Year awards from Major League Baseball. In 1989 he led his Oakland Athletics to victory against Los Angeles Dodgers by hitting a grand slam grand slam grand slam grand slam first World Series at-bat while setting A’s postseason record for most home runs ever in one postseason game.

He continued his production in 1991 despite suffering back injuries that prevented him from playing full-season baseball. By All-Star Break he had 18 homers and 57 RBIs but would eventually be traded away to Boston Red Sox in December for Otis Nixon and Luis Ortiz.

Achievement and Honors

Canseco was one of the greatest home run hitters ever to grace baseball. He won two World Series championships and three Silver Slugger awards before becoming an All-Star five times over his career. Today he works as hitting coach for Yuma Scorpions of Arizona Fall League.

Canseco was accused of using steroids at the time of his retirement from Major League Baseball, yet remains unapologetic about his actions. He claims that taking these performance-enhancing substances was to reach his goals of becoming the best player possible in baseball; and that each individual possesses equal talent; how they use that talent is what determines success or failure.

Personal Life

Canseco has certainly proven his athletic prowess. Winning three American League pennants and a World Series title while becoming a two-time major league home run champion are just among his achievements; yet his personal life has also been troubled; being arrested twice for assault charges as well as engaging in a violent dispute with his first wife have caused much speculation regarding her possible involvement with another party.

Born in Havana, Cuba on July 2, 1964 and moved with his family to Miami, Florida in 1968, where both brothers attended public schools before playing baseball on Coral Park High School’s team.

Canseco is the proud parent of Josie and has had two marriages; his second wife Jessica Sekely appeared on both ‘Hollywood Exes’ and ‘The Mother/Daughter Experiment’ reality television shows as his partner.

Net Worth

Canseco was once paid millions in salary and earned significant endorsement revenues. Unfortunately, most of his wealth has since been consumed by legal fees and failed business ventures.

He has also been embroiled in various disputes with the IRS and even filed for bankruptcy in 2012.

Canseco has two children from his first marriage with Esther Haddad. After filing for divorce and remarriage to Jessica Sekely, with whom he shares daughter Josie. Sekely has become known for having high-profile relationships with celebrities such as Logan Paul.

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