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Capricorn annual horoscope 2017 and the influence of the Fire Rooster

Certainly all of those born in Capricorn welcomed the new year 2017 with great impatience, because from January 28th. the Chinese year of the Fire Rooster begins and he worships and protects all zodiac signs that belong to the element earth. And the Capricorn is one of them, alongside Taurus and Virgo. Capricorns will still feel the positive influence of the Fire Rooster at the end of January, because they have prepared many pleasant surprises, for example new, interesting acquaintances, tempting offers and much more! In February the Capricorn will leave his old job, which already seems boring to him, because he has other better offers, one of which he can accept immediately. Dear Capricorn, the Fire Rooster will help you break free of negativism. “Nothing happens to me!” You just have to forget this sentence, it belongs to the past. Your self-confidence grows and you act decisively and courageously. A lot also changes in your private life. Understand your loved one, you are really a nice, warm-hearted and amiable person. In the spring you will surely have numerous new admirers who will envelop you with a lot of attention and love. It is very likely that the Capricorn-born will show their artistic talents in the warm season, the literary activity suits their nature best. A bit of variety is also the order of the day, and you can achieve this with your gardening. In May, visit close friends who live in the country and relax in the midst of nature. Get rid of all negative thoughts and from now on learn to think positively only. You can then plan your annual vacation in the middle of summer and spend the time in a luxurious health resort. You will then have no financial worries and can treat yourself to a well-deserved vacation, full of serenity and luxury. Then things will always go up until the end of the year. You are charming and easily attract other people. Many new flirts are inevitable in your annual horoscope. But if you are already in firm hands, then you will enjoy cozy, cozy evenings with your partner at home and appreciate the time together. In November, the representatives of this zodiac sign will have inventive new ideas and will surely gather a team of like-minded people around them. The Fire Rooster will have a great Christmas present ready for you in December. Your bank account shows an affordable sum that will pleasantly surprise you and get you in the mood for the coming holidays. You can look forward to an extraordinary year, dear Capricorn!

Annual horoscope Capricorn 2017 wonderful year is coming

Rejoice, dear Capricorn, a wonderful year is ahead of you!

Annual horoscope Capricorn 2017 Negativism negative thoughts - free yourself from them only think positively

Get rid of your negativism and all negative thoughts! Think positively!

In the job it gets a bit turbulent for Capricorn, and it would be best if you are prepared for it. A new position will be offered to you and it is entirely up to you whether you accept or decline this offer. You will have great new ideas in April, but you may encounter misunderstandings from the bosses. You have been very careful with money for many years and have learned a lot from it. You will probably have to make large, unplanned expenses this year, which in principle you do not like at all. But by the end of the year you will master the situation skillfully and celebrate Christmas with a big bank account!

Annual horoscope Capricorn 2017 at work

You still have the chance to change your job in February.

In love the already married Capricorns continue to show their feelings or dissatisfaction. It can be assumed that some born in this zodiac sign could distance themselves from their partner and a separation might occur. You could fall deeply in love with another person again. Summer brings emotional ups and downs and it is only in autumn that you can find your way back to your old partner. In the first half of the year, many flirts are planned for singles in the annual horoscope. You can only find the ideal partner and commit yourself in autumn. Then do not doubt, rather act, because you have found the best man / the perfect woman for life!

Love horoscope Capricorn 2017 separation from long-term partner

In love, you could break up with your long-term partner.

Love horoscope 2017 Capricorn new love in sight

But many Capricorn-born find a new love in 2017.

Health new hobby photography very fitting to the nature of the Capricorn

Is photography your hobby? Or do you want to start now?

The health horoscope all born Capricorns are very good. You are taking great care of your good health and 2017 will be no different. But don’t try too hard or try to do everything at once on the job or around the house, as this will only bring you stress. And that’s exactly what we all want to prevent, don’t we? An active vacation and photography as a hobby are popular this year. If you had certain symptoms, then you should follow the advice of your doctor exactly.

We wish you that you continue to stay lively, full of energy and always fit and healthy!

Annual horoscope Capricorn at work has a hard-working team around you

Dear Capricorn, you need a strong team around you!

A great Christmas present at the end of the year, a lot of money in the account, an interesting surprise

At the end of the year a great Christmas present is waiting for you, which will put you in the mood for a very optimistic mood

Annual horoscope Capricorn 2017, lots of sun by your side

Rejoice, dear Capricorn, the sun is shining on you too!

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