Car assessment: high fees or possible for free?

Many drivers think that high sums are required for a professional car valuation including expert opinion. They show that there is a mistake behind it Deutsche Automobil Treuhand GmbH (DAT) and the vehicle rating via Schwacke List. Vehicle owners who want to know how much their own car is still worth can either use the free DAT service or receive a professional car valuation via Schwacke List for EUR 7.90. Even the ADAC offers its almost 19 million members a free car evaluation, which is based on around 8000 comparative data. Entering the vehicle data of your own car is done in a similar way everywhere. If the vehicle registration document is at hand, the manufacturer and type code number (HSN/TSN) can be entered, otherwise the value is determined by entering the make, vehicle type, year of construction and mileage, among other things. If you use the Schwacke list, the evaluation is based on around 3000 models and over 10 million standard and special equipment features. DAT has around 70,000 dealers with purchase and sales values, so that end customers can get an estimate of the realistic market value.


Free or cheap vehicle valuation methods are indeed available and give a good insight into the actual car value. Take a quick look around and compare similar models, After a short research, car exchanges also offer an impression of the approximate value of the car. However, it should always be considered that each vehicle is individually designed depending on the equipment and the price cannot match 100%. However, even with all online methods, the actual status remains unconsidered. If you want to be on the safe side and include all relevant factors, including appearance and care, in the price calculation, you should buy one vehicle appraiser visit. However, in most cases there are higher fees – up to 150 euros takes a professional appraiser for an evaluation. Another good method are modern purchasing companies, which often offer a free valuation before the non-binding car sale. This way you are free to sell the car, but still get a free valuation. Ultimately, it is up to everyone to find the best way to determine the price and alternatives to the Schwacke list.


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