Care for children with diabetes: Impending shortage of doctors

Diabetes Ratgeber publishes interactive overview maps on diabetologists and makes
alert to future bottlenecks

(Baierbrunn, February 1, 2021) The February issue of the pharmacy magazine Diabetes
Counselor is dedicated to the situation of children with type 1 diabetes. the
Diabetes Ratgeber evaluated the available data from child diabetologists in Germany
that were listed by the Health Foundation at the end of 2020.

From February 1, the contribution will be accompanied online by interactive maps at, the data of which also come from the Health Foundation. In addition to children, the focus is also on caring for adults with diabetes, who are more likely to develop type 2 diabetes. Interested parties can get an overview of the nationwide distribution
procured by diabetologists: One map shows how many diabetologists there are per district, another visualizes the distribution of doctors who work in specialized diabetological practices.

This reveals considerable regional differences in the supply structure: the way to the next specialist in rural areas can easily take one to two hours. A diagram also shows the age distribution of the diabetologists.

With 462 child diabetologists, the level of care for children with type 1 diabetes in Germany is currently good, and therapy and technology are also making steady progress thanks to insulin pumps and sensors for measuring glucose. However, the average age of child diabetologists in Germany is 59 years. That means: many of the doctors will retire in the next ten years. Successors have been taken care of, but more and more children are developing diabetes, which is why there are even more diabetologists
are necessary.

“The incidence rate of children with type 1 diabetes has more than doubled in the past 20 years. If this development continues like this, the next generation of doctors will probably not be enough. A problem for the future, ”says Anne-Bärbel Köhle, editor-in-chief of Diabetes Ratgeber.

Underfunding and a lack of multi-professional teams

In addition to the shortage of child diabetologists, two other factors play an important role in the supply situation: Outpatient clinics are often underfunded and there is a lack of multi-professional care teams. These are urgently needed by families in order to cope with everyday life with a child suffering from diabetes. In addition to medical support, many also need psychosocial support. Experts therefore recommend teams consisting of child diabetologists, diabetes advisors, dietitians, psychologists and social workers in order to look after and support the children concerned, but also their parents. However, there is a lack of the necessary funds and such multi-professional teams are currently often not provided for in outpatient care.

Something similar is evidently threatened with the care of children with rheumatism.

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Interactive overview maps of diabetologists in Germany:

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