Care from the desire to have children through to pregnancy



Women who want to have children and pregnant women are available for an optimal supply of nutrients
new nutritional supplements are now available: Natalben® Wunsch, Glück und Twin. Each product is composed for the respective special needs. If you wish to have children, during pregnancy and – for the first time in Germany – also especially if you have multiple pregnancies.

From the beginning of the desire to have children until the last day of pregnancy, nutrition plays a key role in the optimal development of the baby. The new Natalben® products Wunsch, Glück and Twin accompany women in the different phases and are adapted to the respective needs. Natalben® gives mothers-to-be and women who want to have children the nutrients they need according to the latest scientific recommendations1 need for this path.

The nutritional requirement increases with the desire to have children and an adequate intake
Folic acid through a normal diet is hardly possible. Diet supplements are therefore
important to avoid folic acid deficits. An undersupply in the early phase of the
Pregnancy is a risk factor for developing neural tube defects
adolescent fetus.

The Natalben® Products at a glance

Natalben Packungen
  • Natalben® wish with folic acid and other vitamins and minerals is geared precisely to this particular need.1
  • Natalben® happiness with folic acid, iodine, omega 3 fatty acids and other vitamins and minerals supports the increased nutritional requirements during pregnancy. Combined as the only dietary supplement specially designed for multiple pregnancies.
  • Natalben® Twin all the important nutrients such as folic acid, iron, zinc, vitamin D3 and omega-3 fatty acids that are adapted to these needs. All three products are dosed in such a way that only one capsule is taken daily for optimal nutritional supplementation.

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