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Caring for magnolia trees properly and enjoying their blossoms in the garden

If you have a magnolia in your garden, you can still admire beautiful blossoms in spring, long before other trees, shrubs and flowers start to bloom. The magnolias are stately ornamental trees that are easy to care for and surprise us with their abundant abundance of flowers. They owe their botanical name to the French doctor and botanist Pierre Magnol, who is considered the forefather of taxonomic research. Today it is difficult to determine how many magnolia species exist worldwide, because their number varies between 80 and 300. The magnolia is widespread in East Asia, but also in Europe and South and North America. You can find out from us today what distinguishes the beautiful wood and how to properly care for it. We give you a few care tips with which you can admire the natural beauty of the magnolia in your own garden for years to come.

The magnolia’s blossoms are unique!

Magnolie richtig pflegen im Garten zarte rosa Blüten Blickfang

Interesting Facts About The Magnolia You May Not Know Before

The magnolia is mainly found here as a shrub or small tree. It belongs to the magnolia family (Magnoliaceae). It is interesting to know, however, that the tulip tree (liriodendron) is one of them. This tree is characterized by beautiful tulip-like flowers and is particularly common in North America. It can reach heights of between 40 and 60 m and is one of the oldest plant species in the world today. Studies show that tulip trees existed on earth over 100 million years ago. Scientists believe that other deciduous trees later developed from this, including magnolias. Archaeological finds show that the ornamental trees grew in Central European forests before the Ice Ages.

The magnolia is one of the oldest deciduous trees on our planet.

Magnolie richtig pflegen im Garten Ziergehölze zarte rosa violette Blüten

Individual magnolia species have one characteristic in common, and that is their primitive flower structure. The flowers are either on the twigs or on short shoots. The petals are not fused together. In most species, they are arranged helically and colored in white, pink, or pale purple. The height, shape of the crown and flowers are different in the American and East Asian magnolias. While the first grow bigger and stronger, the others stay smaller and often bloom before the leaves shoot.

The primitive flower structure of the magnolia is actually the greatest asset of the garden plant.

Magnolie richtig pflegen rosa Blüte primitiver Blütenaufbau größter Pluspunkt der Gartenpflanze

The white magnolia blossoms bring a can of romance to your garden!

Magnolie richtig pflegen weiße Blüten eine starke Dose Romantik in den Garten bringen

The most important care tips for stately magnolia at a glance

Although the magnolia is an ornamental wood that is easy to care for, the following tips would definitely be useful for all garden fans:

  • Earth and location: Magnolias prefer humus-rich and loose soil, from which they easily get the necessary nutrients. They like even moisture and not prolonged dryness. Choose a sunny location for your magnolia bush or tree. It also has to be protected from wind and frost, because the magnolia still blooms in spring. If you plant the magnolia in a shady place, it will hardly be able to develop its full bloom.
  • Plant: The best time to plant magnolia trees is in spring. The sensitive roots can be covered with a little bark humus and then thickly mulched before the first winter. You can find more tips for fertilizing the magnolia here.

Choose a sunny and sheltered spot for your magnolia in the garden.

Magnolie richtig pflegen sonnigen geschützten Standort im Garten wählen

The plant will thank you for this with wonderful flowers in delicate colors.

Magnolie richtig pflegen herrliche Blütenpracht in zarten Farben im Garten genießen

  • Cutting and propagating: The magnolia does not need regular pruning. The propagation of the beautiful garden plant is possible by lowering, sowing or cuttings. You can see a good example of the propagation of the ornamental shrub in the attached video.

Magnolia blossoms are beautiful decorations in the garden and in the vase

The magnolia is a true specimen plant and it needs enough space outdoors to grow really well and show its beautiful flowers. The shrub does not like being bothered by nearby plants. It would be best if you give your magnolia enough space, then it will be a real ornament in your garden. But the beauty and colors of the magnolia blossoms are not only striking outside. These also cut a fine figure in the vase and can serve as excellent room decorations. They definitely attract everyone’s attention. Our picture examples are a good proof of this.

Have fun looking and maybe looking after a beautiful magnolia in your own garden!

Do you already have a magnolia bush outside?

Magnolie richtig pflegen schöne Blüten im Garten Strauch Ziergeholze

The magnolia attracts everyone’s attention in the garden.

Magnolie richtig pflegen schöne Blüten in sattem Violett Blickfang im Garten

The ornamental wood is the pride of every hobby gardener.

Magnolie richtig pflegen herrliche Blüten in Rosa Ziergeholze der ganze Stolz jedes Hobbygärtners

The beautiful flowers usually develop on short shoots.

Magnolie richtig pflegen schöne Blüte daneben eine zweite entwickeln sich an Kurztrieben

Magnolie richtig pflegen schöne Blüte

Magnolie richtig pflegen

Delicate white flowers contrast with the lush green of the magnolia leaves.

Magnolie richtig pflegen zarte weiße Blüten kontrastieren mit den sattgrünen Blättern

Is there anything better than magnolia blossoms in a vase?

Magnolie richtig pflegen schöne Blüten in der Vase Raumdekoration Blickfang

Magnolie schöne Blüten in der Vase Raumdekoration Blickfang

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