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Cave-like structures break through in the interior design

It happens in every house that you have narrow rooms that are often not used properly because the owners do not know exactly what to do with them. These rooms even look like caves or are such hideaways that one does not particularly like. Today we want to present you with some great interior design ideas that you should definitely think about. After that, your vision of these rooms will definitely change and it would be possible that you take the initiative to design such a strange room yourself. But do not forget that you need to determine the function of this room in advance. There are many options available to you, all you have to do is decide and access one of them. Do you want to set up a cozy home office, a reading room with a library or a TV or playroom? Perhaps you would like to redesign your conservatory so that it gets a whole new look. It is not impossible to redefine the basement or part of it. Everything is possible here, you just need to think creatively and act functionally!

Wall decoration hallway rooms

Set up a special room in your home; you can always use it

First decide whether you want to create a cave-like structure for work, rest or play, or whether you want to mix a bit of the functions just mentioned in a room. Yes, we can only confirm that a room furnished in this way could be a great home office if you enjoy working from home. But it’s also wonderful to use when you want to take a break from work. This can be an extravagant place where you can relieve the stress of everyday life, listen to music or play, do sports or chat with friends and relax.

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Design a cozy reading room with a piano for your music lessons and comfortable armchairs to relax

After you have determined the function of the room, it is time to choose suitable furniture. You have a special advantage: When furnishing the cave-like room, you don’t have to put your own wishes and needs back! Find a traditional desk with a matching chair, a sufficiently large bookcase with enough storage space and shelf space and … don’t forget the right lighting. You make a good choice if you opt for a comfortable couch in a modern design or if you place classic leather armchairs in Chesterfield style there. Then you have pure cosiness in your cave-like reading room! What is still missing? Oh, yes, a modern floor lamp that can illuminate your reading corner well and make the whole room appear brighter and more homely.
Do you discuss with your husband whether he doesn’t want a real entertainment hub with a wall-mounted TV or a home theater? At home you will definitely find suitable pieces of furniture for such a facility. And how do you get the idea when you create a drinks bar there? Use great colors and textures that reveal your common personal preferences and determine the feeling and atmosphere in the ambience.

It is better to prefer natural materials, because these will definitely add a fresh touch to the room. In your cave-like room, you also need to place furniture that will put you in a good mood, inspire you and liven up the whole room look. For example, a comfortable desk with a modern office chair, well-organized storage space for your paperwork and decorative works of art that round off the interior design. Above all, enjoy your peace and freedom there, and also the feeling that this room looks very different from the rest of your house.

Decoration rooms furniture comfortable sofa

Personally, I would very much like to work in this home office. And you?

Have you probably dreamed of having your own artistic studio for years? Something like this is chic, elegant and inspiring. It’s also practical and is sure to bring you hours of fun. Whitewashed walls keep the compact space bright and cheerful, with the desk positioned across from a window for maximum natural light. The wall lighting is easily adjustable and adaptable to any purpose, even when looking through the desk or the shelves. Fitted wardrobes at eye level offer sufficient storage space that is easily accessible and does not take up any floor space.

Living room modern furnishing modern gray furniture wood

LCD TV for your home office feeling and comfortable furniture in your own personal oasis

apartments decoration rooms

A rustic style home office isn’t a bad idea, either, is it?

Set up room decorate beautiful design

Bright and functional

Office furniture decoration ideas home office

A place for your creative activities

living and decorating wall deco

Do we want to taste the wine?

Classic wooden table wall brick flooring modern furniture

Spacious industrial style home office

Classic brown chesterfield sofa

Do you also like to play chess?

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