Cectek: Quadrift & Gladiator

Cectek: Quadrift & Gladiator

Cectek: Gladiator 500 ieThe Taiwanese automotive supplier Cectek gets into the quad business.

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In Germany, Austria and Switzerland, an off-road vehicle and a road vehicle will initially be sold by Herkules Motorgeräte in Fuldatal, with other models to follow. The vehicles have a multitude of details that meet the technical standards of the automotive industry, but have been transferred to the quad sector with the know-how from the rally sector…

20071000imo139.thumbnailHerkules Motor is presenting a new brand at the EICMA in Milan: the Adly importer from Fuldatal near Kassel is now also selling the products of the Taiwanese manufacturer Cectek in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.Cectek: Quadrift 500ie

The Taiwanese currently offer two models with a similar body, but very different technology and equipment, both of which have been consistently designed for the areas of application for which they are intended.Quadrift: for curve robbers & drifting

The Quadrift is a street quad set up for cornering and drifting on tarmac. The vehicle, which is driven by the rear wheels and weighs 310 kg, has a ground clearance of just 137 mm and is equipped with low-profile tires (195/45-15 at the front and 215/40-16 at the rear) on aluminum rims and a lockable differential; the rear wheels are individually suspended, with the construction designed for use on the road.Gladiator: raising dust in the terrain

The Gladiator is completely different, weighing 330 kg dry and featuring all-wheel drive, a ground clearance of 260 mm, off-road tires (25×8-12 at the front and 25×10-12 at the rear) and individually suspended rear wheels. It also has a differential that locks either automatically or manually.Four-wheel drive and differential: simply switch

Both vehicles can be easily switched from rear-wheel to all-wheel drive with a switch; the lockable differentials can also be conveniently switched from manual to automatic mode while drivingDetailed solutions: know-how from automobile construction and rally racing

It is no coincidence that the vehicles are reminiscent of cars in many details: the manufacturer Cectek is one of the largest automotive suppliers in Taiwan. The ATVs and quads, however, were developed by a team with a heart for rally racing.Gladiator: individually suspended rear wheels

Manufacturers and importers promise ‘incredible’ performance: The Quadrift accelerates from 0 to 70 km/h in 5.2 seconds – a test in ATV&QUAD Magazine will show whether the vehicles live up to their promises.Engine: 500cc single-cylinder engine with injection system

Both models are powered by a 500cc single-cylinder engine with electronic fuel injection. The unit delivers 30 kW (40 hp) and has a torque of 44 Nm; Power is sent to the wheels via a CVT transmission with two gears, reverse gear and a parking brake.Cectec: Quadrift 500ie

Both the Quadrift and the Gladiator are available either with German tractor unit approval and full power or throttled to 15 kW with European retail price approval. The street price should be around 9,000 euros including registration. More information in the following issue of ATV&QUAD Magazine 2007/11-12 – from November 9th at your friendly newsagent or in your personal mailbox…
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