Celebrate children’s birthday parties online: game ideas & planning

Winter children have a hard time: their children’s birthday party falls into the water again. After all, we should limit our contacts, keep our distance and wear masks. Under these conditions, many of us lose our desire to celebrate.

Nevertheless, nobody needs to do without their well-deserved children’s birthday party. All you have to do is get creative – and celebrate a little differently! The only question now is, HOW?

Well, I’ve rounded up some wonderful ways to add a little birthday flair and make your child smile on their big day!

Ideas for online children’s birthday parties

If you can’t meet physically, you just organize an online meeting, more precisely an online children’s birthday party!

Admittedly, we adults have been hanging out in front of our laptops all the time lately, exchanging ideas with colleagues, organizing meetings or chatting with friends who live far away. But is that so bad?

Children in particular are still enthusiastic about the possibilities that FaceTime, Google Hangouts, MS Teams, Zoom – and what they are all called – bid! (Below I am going to make the video chat tools simple zoom to name…). And especially those children who are in quarantine miss their friends and long for an exchange. So why not have a Zoom party?

A tip in advance: Online meetings with children only work well if mom or dad of the birthday child moderate, i.e. grant individual children the right to speak and, if necessary, encourage the others.

If there is another topic that runs like a red thread through the meeting, the kids stay with it from start to finish with fun and concentration.

Which games work best – on the online children’s birthday party

A puzzle solve

Who knows the birthday child best? Send the guests a few questions about the birthday child in advance so that they can think about the answers beforehand. At the party, you ask the questions and the kids give their answers.

A classic for slightly older children would be the well-known “city-country-river”, although you can also use other categories here: YouTubers / celebrities, meals, animals, professions, etc.).

B Paint or tinker pictures together

Perhaps you will send some coloring pages beforehand, which the children will then color in together at the birthday party?

Or you could ask a task like: Paint your trustm-tree house, or What does your dream island look like? What is there to experience there? What do you eat ?, a Make a fantasy animal out of plasticine

If mom or dad are halfway gifted, they can do something in advance and the children follow their instructions (for example origami). However, this harbors the risk that one or the other child will get out in exasperation if something does not work out.

C Nothing is taboo

Who does not know it, the parlor game for which two teams have to be formed that compete against each other? The main aim here is to explain terms without using specific words. The winner is the team that has the most points (= cards with correctly guessed terms) at the end of the game. If not all of the guests have the original game at home, you can write down your own terms and five associated taboo words in advance (there are many suggestions on the Internet …). The game can also be played online (in the browser or via the app).

D Birthday Tiktok Challenge

Have the birthday girl choose a song on Tiktok for everyone to dance to. You can even use a special hashtag. The finished dance videos go to the birthday child, who may choose a winner. Such a challenge is particularly suitable for teenagers.

E tell jokes

You don’t even believe what (small) children can laugh about. At least they often tell each other hair-raising jokes – and almost fall off their chairs with laughter! “What does a cat dream of at night? – From sore muscles! ”, My daughter recently announced. If there are several little joke tellers among the guests, the party is guaranteed to be fun!

The online children’s birthday party also requires planning

You are sure to come up with other ideas on how to celebrate a virtual children’s birthday party. After all, it also depends on your child and their guests and their individual interests.

Maybe they’re all in the same dance school? -Then you could ask the dance teacher if she would entertain the kids for an hour. Some party organizers have adapted to the corona situation and are now offering virtual events and live shows. This of course simplifies party planning a lot.

You should still do a little organization: So it would be nice if you could give each of the little guests a piece of the birthday cake (e.g. cupcakes) so that the children can sing a birthday serenade together and blow out the candles and then the cake to eat.

You can also find more tips & ideas for children’s birthday games in this post.

The gifts for the birthday child should also be given to you beforehand so that they can be unpacked at the Zoom meeting. So the birthday child can also say thank you live!

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