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Celebrate the new season with an autumn wreath made of yarn

In September the weather changes, but so does nature. The arrival of autumn can now be felt everywhere. In the mornings and evenings it is now cooler, the temperatures usually drop below 15 degrees, in northern Germany they are already heated. Nature puts on her colorful garb. The color palette in the garden and in the forest is colorful and beautiful. Here you can find warm tones, from sun yellow and orange to red tones and all shades of brown. These are a real feast for the eyes! Hardly to speak of the green tones. These form the natural background against which all warm colors come to the fore. Surely you know this wonderful picture from your walks in the nearby park or have admired it on a hike in the forest, right? What do you say if you had this great color palette in mind every day? Yes, this is entirely possible if you make your own autumn wreath out of yarn. We’ll show you how to do it!

Every autumn wreath made of yarn and with felt sheets is a real highlight.

Herbstkranz aus Garn an der Haustür neutraler Hintergrund orangenfarbene Schleife Herbstblätter aus Filz in warmen Farben

This will get you and your family members in the mood for the coming autumn.

Herbstkranz aus Garn an der Haustür orangenfarbenes Garn Sonnenblume Herbstblätter aus Filz in warmen Farben

What are the advantages of an autumn wreath made of yarn as a great decoration idea?

Making a beautiful fall wreath out of yarn is not a complicated DIY project. First of all, it’s fun for young and old to create something so beautiful. And secondly, your children can also take part and develop their manual skills and creative thinking. In addition, this project impresses us with the variety of colors used. You are free to choose those shades that you consider to be symbols of autumn. Here we mean warm red tones, fresh green nuances and accents in orange, yellow or chocolate brown. Everything is allowed, so that everyone can combine these colors according to their own mood. Often you take a yarn in a rather neutral shade. Then strong colors were chosen for the actual wreath decoration, that is, for the leaves and flowers, which in most cases are made from colored felt. This is how you skillfully pair bright and neutral colors to achieve a strong visual effect.

For this DIY project, you have to choose those shades that are typical of autumn.

Herbstkranz aus Garn an der Haustür in drei Farben plus künstliche Herbstblätter und Blumen in den Farben des Herbstes

… and skilfully combine them with each other.

Herbstkranz aus Garn gelbes Garn blaue und gelbe Blumen aus Stoff gewickelt

But an autumn wreath in neutral tones can also look very stylish.

Herbstkranz aus Garn an der Haustür in neutralen Farben schöner Look

In addition, an autumn wreath made of yarn is very versatile. It is primarily intended for the front door to symbolically invite autumn into the house. Its decorative function has a very positive effect on homeowners and their guests and we appreciate that in Germany. A stylish autumn wreath made of yarn can also decorate your interior just as well if you hang it up correctly. For example, in the hallway, on the banister or in the kitchen by the window, such an autumnal decoration looks simply wonderful. Our picture examples are excellent proof that such a wreath does not only belong on the front door.

Spread a happy mood with an autumn wreath made of yarn on your front door!

Herbstkranz aus Garn an der Haustür neutrale Farbe als Hintergrund Herbstblätter in warmen Farbtönen dunkelrot schokoladenbraun

But this jewelry also cuts a fine figure in the stairwell!

Herbstkranz aus Garn im Treppenhaus aufgehängt neutraler Hintergrund Blumen in warmen Farbtönen schöner Kontrast

It can also hang on the window!

Herbstkranz aus Garn blaues Gran Blätter in Gelb und Grau am Fenster aufgehängt

It’s also not a bad idea to adorn a chair with such a beautiful wreath!

Herbstkranz aus Garn an Stuhl gelehnt im Innenraum im farblichen Einklang

Last but not least, you only need simple materials to make your own autumn wreath out of yarn. Perhaps that’s an important plus point why so many hobbyists choose to do such a DIY project. We report on the necessary materials in the next point. But you definitely need your imagination and creativity to create something special.

A beautiful autumn wreath made of yarn can also be hung outside on the garden fence.

Herbstkranz aus Garn gelber Kranz Blumen Blätter draußen am Gartenzaun aufgehängt

And spice up your outdoor area with it.

Herbstkranz aus Garn orangefarbenes Garn schöne Herbstblumen Blätter draußen aufgehängt

How can you make an autumn wreath from yarn yourself?

For this craft project you will need following materials:

  • Balls of yarn (preferably more than one, but it depends on the thickness of the yarn);
  • Round wreath shape (this can be made of styrofoam, but also made of metal or another suitable material);
  • Scissors, pins, darning needle, jute cord, bow;
  • Flowers and leaves made of felt or small decorative items that go with the project.

Colorful felt flowers are a must here!

Herbstkranz aus Garn farbenfrohe Filzblumen grünlich gelbes Garn

Herbstkranz aus Garn graues Garn gefilzte Blumen in kräftigen Farben als Kontrast

But also felted or knitted sheets in all possible shapes and colors.

Herbstkranz aus Garn gefilzte oder gestrickte Blätter in verschiedenen Formen und Farben

Herbstkranz aus Garn gefilzte oder gestrickte Blätter in verschiedenen Formen und Farben ideen

Herbstkranz aus Garn gefilzte oder gestrickte Blätter deko ideen

And this is how it is done!

  • Take the wreath shape and wrap it with thick yarn;
  • Tie both ends of the yarn where they meet;
  • Take a bow approx. 60 cm long and hang up your autumn wreath;
  • Then start decorating it. You can use felt sheets and felt flowers for this, but other small decorative items are also appropriate;

These two owls feel wonderful in the middle of the wreath.

Herbstkranz aus Garn zwei Eulen schmücken den Kranz in der Mitte niedliche Deko

This squirrel is also cordially invited here!

Herbstkranz aus Garn kleines Eichhörnchen Eicheln Herbstblätter niedliche Deko

Extra tip: The additional decoration of the autumn wreath is entirely your own personal affair. We can only recommend that you give the wreath an individual touch by decorating it nicely and making it an eye-catcher. In addition to felted leaves and flowers in traditional autumn colors, you can also use sunflowers, acorns, pine cones, corn on the cob, artificial fruit and vegetables, and even small animal figures. But don’t overdo it with the decoration! The beauty lies in the simple things, right?

Our editorial team wishes you a lot of crafting fun and good luck with making your own autumn wreath out of yarn!

Welcome autumn!

Herbstkranz aus Garn

Herbstkranz aus Garn Wolle in verschiedenen hellen Farben Blumen

Autumn time is harvest time!

Herbstkranz aus Garn Herbstzeit ist Erntezeit schöne Deko

Herbstkranz aus Garn graues Garn bunte farbenfrohe Blätter und Blumen aus Filz

Herbstkranz aus Garn rosafarbenes Garn braune und schwarze Herbstblätter aus Filz visueller Kontrast

Herbstkranz aus Garn graue Wolle Sonnenblumen visueller Kontrast

Herbstkranz aus Garn in warmen Farben von Gelb bis Braun

Herbstkranz aus Garn bläuliches Garn Herbstblätter Blumen in warmen Farbtönen Gelb Orange

Herbstkranz aus Garn kräftige Farbtöne Gelb Orange Rot Braun geometrische Figuren

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