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Chair trends 2020 – what is the latest in comfortable seating this year?

Can you imagine the interior of your home without at least one comfortable armchair? Certainly not! This piece of furniture is the epitome of convenience and comfort and it is hard to imagine your own four walls without it. Whether in front of the television in the living room or guest room, on the terrace or in the winter garden, comfortable armchairs are real must-haves. They cut a fine figure everywhere and create a cozy atmosphere. For many people, this comfortable furniture is their popular relaxation place, where they feel relaxed and easily relieve the stress of everyday life. Armchairs can be designed in a classic, modern or somewhat unusual way. In addition, they are made from different materials and differ greatly in their shape and color. But which model would be best incorporated into your interior design concept? In order to find the answer to this question, we would like to report on the latest chair trends for 2020 in the following. With this information we can definitely make your search for the ideal armchair easier.

Armchair Trends 2020 – What’s In With Comfortable Seating This Year?

Sesseltrends 2020 Korbsessel klassisches Design helles Geflecht helle Polsterkissen

# 1 of summer trends 2020 – organic shapes emphasize natural design

Modern armchairs have been characterized by their appealing and completely natural look for years. This is actually nothing new in furniture design. However, in 2020 organic shapes are on the rise and they emphasize the organic design of the furniture. Clear, sharp lines are no longer in demand, now round, soft shapes and irregular silhouettes are very much in vogue. Well-curved armrests and backrests, for example, are the focus of attention of the designers this year and transform every armchair into a real eye-catcher in the room where it is placed. It looks natural and fits perfectly into any modern ambience. In short, trendy armchairs score with new, simple aesthetics, which can be traced back to their organic shapes and natural design. This 2020 armchair trend also contributes to the fact that you can introduce more individuality into the interior design of your own home. And that’s definitely something we all appreciate.

This sleek silhouette is something new in furniture design.

Sesseltrends 2020 sehr schicker Relax Liegesessel in Dunkelgrün in zusätzliches Kissen Nacken

Every detail contributes to the seating comfort.

Sesseltrends sehr schicker Relax Liegesessel in Dunkelgrün in zusätzliches Kissen Nacken

# 2 of the 2020 armchair trends – high-quality materials and sustainable production are in tune with the times

The topic of sustainability has influenced many aspects of our everyday life in recent years. This also applies to the furniture. More and more attention is paid to sustainable production and, in this regard, to durable and high-quality materials. This comes into its own with the upholstered armchairs, for example. All materials and the cover fabrics come from sustainable production. That is why they are durable and easy to care for and are characterized by their long usability and high seating quality. Your seating comfort is first class, so that everyone feels comfortable in such an armchair. The wicker armchairs made of real rattan are not inferior to the upholstered models in terms of seating comfort and sustainability. Rattan is a popular natural product that is particularly durable and can withstand cold, rain and sun. The wicker armchairs made of rattan can be used on the terrace or in the garden as well as in the interior. They cut a good figure everywhere and give you a lot of cosiness and comfort when sitting.

Wicker armchairs are practical seating options for indoors and outdoors.

Sesseltrends 2020 Flechtsessel modernes Design Polsterkissen in Schwarz praktische Sitzgelegenheit drinnen draußen

The mesh of this outdoor lounger impresses with its filigree elegance.

Sesseltrends 2020 schicke Outdoor Liege filigrane Eleganz interessantes Geflecht

# 3 of the 2020 armchair trends – the current colors are earthy, neutral or colorful.

Forget the classic color combination of white and black! This color duo was yesterday. In 2020 there are new trends in the colors of the armchairs. The current color palette ranges from the typical earth nuances through saturated tones to calming neutral shades. Earthy and completely natural colors such as brown, olive green and blue are in harmony with the organic shapes of the armchairs and the urge for more naturalness in design. Colors like beige, sand yellow, green and gray are definitely inspired by nature. They have a very calming effect and evoke a sense of well-being at first glance.

This relaxation lounger in gray can be your favorite place for rest and relaxation at home.

Sesseltrends 2020 Relax Liege in Grau komfortables Design Platz für Ruhe und Entspannung

However, bright, saturated colors are also in demand this year, especially for beanbags for children’s rooms or for outdoor use. There are, for example, great models in pink, grass green, turquoise, purple and sun yellow. These are real eye-catchers and immediately attract everyone’s attention. They spread joie de vivre and positivism and create an inviting atmosphere.

This beanbag in light green is a comfortable seat for young and old.

Sesseltrends 2020 Sitzsack in Hellgrün ausgefallenes Design bequeme Sitzgelegenheit für Groß und Klein

Here the comfortable beanbag has been combined with a stool in turquoise.

Sesseltrends 2020 bequemer Sitzsack in Türkis kombiniert mit Hocker tolle Designidee

You are probably wondering where you can find natural, stylish and comfortable armchairs that match all of the 2020 armchair trends described here. We have the answer – of course at Pharao24.de. Visit the company’s online shop and you will definitely find what you are looking for! There you will find a wide range of first-class armchair models made from high-quality materials. In terms of modern design and color schemes, every requirement can be met. You can also order your armchair quickly and easily online from home. The model you want will then be delivered to your home free of charge and as quickly as possible. Great right?

Appealing optics and high seating comfort go hand in hand with the 2020 armchair trends.

Sesseltrends 2020 Outdoor Lounge Sessel Polsterkissen in Grau ansprechende Optik hoher Sitzkomfort

Round organic shapes and high-quality materials characterize this outdoor lounge chair.

Sesseltrends 2020 organische Formen hochwertige Materialien Outdoor Lounge Sessel in Grau

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