Change car insurance after 30.11. Is that possible?

On 11/30 was the date to change car insurance on time and without giving reasons. Some consumers did so because switching will save them a lot of money in the future. Did you also change car insurance or did you miss the deadline? Do not worry. The good news is how you can still do it after 11/30. can change the car insurance, we explain here.


Use the extraordinary right of termination thanks contribution increase

Car insurance companies often only give shortly before or after November 30th. informed their customers that a premium increase is due for 2019. This is how they want to prevent layoffs. The consumer advocates do not find this measure fair, which is why they expressly point out the rights of the insured. So there is one Extraordinary right of termination. It states that you are the insured one month after noticing the premium increase change their car insurance. With this regulation, the changeover date and thus 30.11. not significant. If your insurance company sends you a message in December that higher premiums are due for you in the coming year, you can make use of this extraordinary right of termination. And another tip: some insurers are very clever at concealing the premium increase. In this way, the consumer does not see at first glance that he will have to pay more in the coming year. Therefore, take your time and write to your insurance company calculate carefully. Alternatively, you can call the insurer and ask specific questions. Occasionally you will be advised that your Vehicle only reclassified to another type or regional class and therefore an increased insurance amount will be due in the future. In this case, too the right to extraordinary termination applies. You do this in writing within four weeks of noticing the increase and explicitly refer to the premium increase in your letter. Ready!

special right of termination vehicle change

A vehicle change is another reason of a special right of termination possible with car insurance. If you register a new or used vehicle, you can get new car insurance. The conclusion is of course regardless of the deadline at the end of November. You can stay with your current car insurance, but you also have the option of looking for a new provider. It is advisable to carry out an objective and quick insurance comparison on comparison portals such as in order to save costs in the long term.

change of insurance claim

In addition to the premium increase and the vehicle change, there is a third reason that grants you a special right of termination: a claim. As soon as you report a claim to your car insurance company, you can then terminate the contract. This means that neither the key date in November nor the fact of whether the insurance company will cover the claim or not is decisive. Once this has been clarified, you can cancel the car insurance. The cancellation letter must be received by the insurance company within one month.

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