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Checks, ornaments & Co. – this is how you can create a mix of patterns at home

Sometimes the furnishing of your own four walls becomes too boring and change is needed. New colors and patterns are the easiest way to implement this. And more and more interesting combinations of several motifs are being used. We’ll tell you what you need to consider for a successful sample mix.

Flowers and stripes? Whatever you like is allowed

Mixing patterns has been a big trend for clothing for some time. And this colorful concept is also finding its way into living rooms. Mixing patterns is all about being bold and experimenting. You can use it to make your apartment interesting and varied. But it is not necessarily enough to copy the cool design from the last interior design magazine. You have to develop your own style and that is only possible through trial and error. Then you can set sophisticated accents with suitable motifs and create an individual touch in your apartment.

How many patterns should be combined?

The nice thing about patterns: they are versatile. A single one can have a noticeably positive effect on the room. A geometrically patterned carpet or even painted stripes and shapes on the wall already have a big impact. If you want to commit to a pattern, you should repeat this in the room at least one more time to create harmony. Pillows to match the picture are very easy to design and can be exchanged again and again. Otherwise two or a maximum of three samples in combination are recommended. If there is more, the facility quickly becomes too restless and the mix does not have the desired effect.

sample mix at home - for a great living room

Same color group, different pattern

When combining different patterns, it helps to keep them in similar nuances. That makes the mix of patterns interesting, but doesn’t make your creation look too cluttered. Filigree light blue ornaments look great with dark blue tendrils or stripes. A little creativity and feeling are required here until you find combinations that you like. A little tip: if you keep the environment neutral, the mix of patterns works better without being too confusing.

original living room with great colors

Choosing the right pattern

Basically, all patterns lend themselves to daring combinations, you just have to be brave enough. But if you want to slowly approach it, you can ask yourself at the beginning which goal should be pursued with the sample mix. What atmosphere do you want to create with it? This will help you make the right choice. Bright flowers and leaves create an elegant country house charm while splendid ornaments and tendrils make up an oriental decor. For a marine look, shell prints and waves are ideal. Accordingly, you can opt for pillows, carpets and other furnishings for the pattern mix. Show a little courage and give it a try.

creative living room with a mix of patterns

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