Cheryl Lynn Net Worth

Cheryl Lynn Net Worth

Besides the many years in the spotlight, Cheryl Lynn has been able to put together a career that has helped her net worth to rise to a considerable amount. She is known for her social media presence and she has released albums that have been well received.


Whether you’ve heard of Cheryl Lynn or not, you’ll probably recognize her from her disco hit “Got to Be Real”. Cheryl was born in Los Angeles, California, United States. She is a vocalist who began her career in church. Her mother was a minister of music, and Cheryl attended church with her mother. Cheryl was also a singer in a choir. She was shy at first and was not able to sing solos in church. However, her mother’s encouragement eventually led her to join a talent search and enter a singing contest. She won, and her singing career began.

Eventually, Cheryl was able to find work as a backing vocalist for other artists. She collaborated with Toto, Richard Marx, and Luther Vandross. The most notable of her many hits is her debut single “Got to Be Real”. The song reached #12 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, and the song has been inducted into the Dance Music Hall of Fame.


Despite being a successful singer, Cheryl Lynn has had a relatively low profile. She has been relatively quiet about her hobbies and has not won many music industry awards. However, she has a large following and has been credited as an inspiration to a younger generation of musicians. She has been known to contribute to a variety of social causes.

Cheryl Lynn’s singing career began in 1976. She began performing in church choirs. Later, she worked as a background vocalist for several different artists, including Luther Vandross and Chaka Khan. She also did session work for other artists. After winning a talent show called the Gong Show in 1976, record industry executives began calling her.

Cheryl’s singing career paved the way for her first album. The self-titled debut ranked #23 on the US charts in 1978. It also featured the song “Star Love” which reached the top twenty on both the R&B and Dance charts.

Social media presence

Despite the fact that she is married to rapper Jay-Z, Cheryl Lynn is a lady. While she isn’t likely to break the Internet’s glass ceiling anytime soon, the ‘gramma ain’t gonna keep her from sexting her bff. In fact, she’s already tattled on Twitter about her marriage. She’s also been known to be a little on the competitive side when it comes to her fans. But is she as good a mother as she claims to be? One could argue that she’s been a little on the narcissist side when it comes to her own kids. That’s not to mention that she’s been a big spender when it comes to her kids’ school fees. Oh, and that’s before she’s even stepped foot in the office.

Albums released

Throughout her career, Cheryl Lynn has released many different albums. She first came to prominence with her 1978 disco hit, “Got to Be Real.” The song reached #12 on the pop charts in 1978 and was later inducted into the Dance Music Hall of Fame.

Her debut album, Cheryl, was released on July 17, 1978. It featured the hit singles “Got to Be Real” and “Loafin’.” The album also included the upbeat dance song, “It’s Gonna Be Alright”. The song was a minor hit for the singer, but her album was a surprisingly successful one.

After her debut, Lynn released four more albums. Her fifth, Preppie, was released in September 1983. The album featured the hits “Encore” and “This Time.” The album also included a cover of Joe Cocker’s “You Are So Beautiful.” The album was also produced by Toto.

Years in the spotlight

Despite her prolific music career, Cheryl Lynn has managed to stay relatively low-profile. She has released many well-known hits in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s and resurfaced in the 2000s as a solo artist and member of the Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis band. She also collaborated with David Paich, the co-founder of the rock group Toto, on her latest album, The Real Thing.

It’s no secret that Cheryl Lynn is a talented vocalist, but her career didn’t begin with a hit. She got her start as a backup singer for the touring company of the musical drama The Wiz. She also did session work for other artists, including Luther Vandross. In the late 1980s, Lynn enjoyed a string of hits, including “Shake It Up Tonight” and “Star Love,” but by the late 1990s, her record sales were slowing.

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