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Chests of drawers are real all-rounders in every home

When you hear the word dresser, you shouldn’t think of grandma’s times right away. Because you’re wrong! These pieces of furniture were in the past and still remain absolute classics in interior design today. There is always the most suitable model for every style, space and personal taste. Chests of drawers can be made in different designs and in different sizes and colors. It is important that you inscribe yourself perfectly in almost every room. For example, a stylish chest of drawers can be the jewel in your living room. There are elegant models for children or bedrooms, for the home office or the hallway. The dressers can also vary greatly in terms of style. Very traditional models are designed in vintage or country style. But there are also very modern chests of drawers in a minimalist style, which score with their simplicity in design. Or are you looking for one in the Scandinavian style? Modern chests of drawers can meet every individual taste!

Chests of drawers are popular pieces of furniture in every home.

Kommoden modernes Design Blickfang Fronten in Weiß helles Holz dekoriert zwei hängende Pflanzen

With the chests of drawers of all kinds, the designers have succeeded in combining the practical and the aesthetic. Therefore, these pieces of furniture basically have to fulfill two important functions. Firstly, they impress with their practical design, because they offer plenty of storage space and storage options. Their big plus point is that they take up little space. You can store a lot behind their doors, in drawers or compartments – from important papers and personal items to children’s toys and odds and ends. All of this remains stowed away in the chest of drawers and protected from prying eyes. In this way, the chests of drawers ensure more order in your four walls.

All chests of drawers made of solid wood serve as a great eye-catcher in the tree!

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In addition to their practical function, these pieces of furniture also have an important aesthetic value. On the one hand, they serve as practical storage areas for numerous souvenirs and decorative items that express your style and taste well. On the other hand, you can put small pictures, family or vacation photos, candlesticks or vases on it. Every chest of drawers turns into an eye-catcher in the room and definitely attracts everyone’s attention. Exactly this piece of furniture spices up the interior and is a harmonious symbiosis between the practical and aesthetic aspect of the interior design.

A stylish chest of drawers to fall in love with!

Kommoden stilvolle Kommode zum Verlieben ganz in Weiß hergestellt schickes Design dekoriert Bilder Vasen

  • What should you consider when choosing a chest of drawers?

If you are looking for a modern chest of drawers that will perfectly match your interior, you need to determine the following in advance:

  • What kind of design would be suitable for your interior?

As we mentioned earlier, the dressers can be made in different styles. Your design depends on it. There are lavishly designed models with decorations, carvings and colorful drawer fronts. In addition, there are also very simple models that are characterized by their simple design, straight lines and few details. That is why we advise you to take a look around your home and determine which design would best suit your interior.

When it comes to style and design, the buyer often feels confused.

Kommoden modernes Design je nach eigenen Bedürfnissen und Wünschen online konfigurieren

  • What materials should your chest of drawers be made of?

Chests of drawers are mainly made from different types of wood. Pine, oak, ash and beech dominate here. Since the wood material has different grains and can be designed in different colors, there is really a huge selection. In addition, modern chests of drawers can also be designed with an easy-care plastic coating, which can be matt or glossy. That’ll make you spoiled for choice, doesn’t it?

When it comes to modern chests of drawers, you will definitely be spoiled for choice!

Kommoden modernes Design in Weiß Abstellfläche für Fernseher Lampen Vasen Bilder Bücher

  • How big does the dresser have to be?

Depending on the space available where you want to place the dresser, you will also need to determine its depth and height in advance. In addition, it is also decisive for the design whether you opt for more storage space or also want shelves. This might seem like an insignificant little thing at first, but it is not. The size of a chest of drawers is an essential criterion for choosing this piece of furniture.

That certain something in the interior!

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  • Dresser with personality could be the best choice for you

Up to this point we have explained that there are always many aspects to consider before deciding whether to buy a chest of drawers. But how about if you could determine the design, size, color and material yourself? Yes, you can design a chest of drawers with personality yourself, depending on your wishes and ideas! That means in a modern design and with personal touches. It is only a few clicks away from you. With the online configurator you can quickly find the chest of drawers you want that meets all your requirements and meets your ideas of modern design. This will be produced in your very own, unique design and will certainly write seamlessly into your interior at home. In addition, the company’s free service enables you to have your dream piece of furniture delivered straight to your home. Yes, a lot is possible today thanks to new technologies!

Modern chests of drawers score with their beautiful design and definitely attract everyone’s attention!

Kommoden modernes Design Fronten in Grün Blickfang im Schlafzimmer

You can configure your own personal chest of drawers online!

Kommoden selber online konfigurieren Abstellfläche für Bücher Souvenirs Vasen Blumen vorsehen

You can determine the size, color and design yourself.

Kommoden aus hellem Holz Spiegel Vase mit grünen Blättern

Chests of drawers are necessary pieces of furniture….

Kommoden fürs Homeoffice mehr Ordnung schaffen Platz für Dokumente Ordner Bücher

… because it creates more order at home.

Kommoden modernes Design für den Flur Schuhregal mehr Ordnung zu Hause

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