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Chic marble decoration for an original ambience at home

If you want a cool marble look in your apartment, but currently cannot order marble slabs, we offer you some great options on how you can set chic marble accents at home. This exquisite natural stone looks very noble and luxurious, and its neutral colors can be ideally inscribed in any interior. Choose the best marble decoration from our proposals and create an original ambience at home.

Table lamp

marble-table-lamp-table lamp-modern-design

Stylish table lamp with a stable base made of white marble can be an elegant accent in any bedroom

An elegant table lamp with a simple marble base brings a particularly classy touch to your bedroom or living area.

Marble board


Beautify your dressing table with a great solid marble board

Renew your ladies’ toilet table with a stylish board made of light marble. Put your perfumes on it and enjoy the great look of your personal corner.

Decorative clock


Chic marble clock for your home or as a gift for your friends

A beautiful decorative marble clock will help you be on time. Decide on a geometric shape and choose the right place for it on your desk or dresser.

Decoration box


Elegant black marble box for jewels

All sorts of boxes are always useful – for your keys, jewels or simply for all the precious little things that you don’t want to lose. The marble boxes with their beautiful veins are also great decoration in the bedroom or in the hallway in front of the mirror.

Wrapping paper


Wrapping paper in marble look for stylish gifts

Wrap the birthday presents with wrapping paper in marble look and capture the attention of all guests from the first glance. With such an elegant packaging paper, the birthday child will definitely fall in love with the gift.


marble coaster table design table culture

Bring more charm to the table with marble coasters with a golden edge in a classic style

Protect the table top in the dining room and the furniture in the living room from wet glasses. The reusable coasters made of real marble are ideal for this. The stylish combination of white marble and old gold gives the ambience a romantic retro look.

Cell phones in marble look

marble iphone cover case

Turn your conventional gadgets into luxurious items with marble cases.

If you really like the marble look, you now have the option of purchasing a cell phone or Ipad in a cool marble look.

Bed linen

bed linen-marble-pillowcase-bedside table-bedroom

Cotton satin bed linen in marble look introduces a noble flair into your bedroom

The natural stones look beautiful, but they are cold. Keep the warmth in your bedroom and let the luxurious look of the marble appear on the bed linen!

Office utensils

office office marble desk folder

Chic office utensils made of white marble add more style to every office

Marble and gold create a completely refined atmosphere in the office. Equip your desk with simple marble accessories and enjoy your work all day long.



Forget the boring monotonous notebooks! Treat yourself to more luxury in everyday life with such great marble books

At the moment all people are multitasking and all tasks and ideas should be written down. Why not in a chic marble-look notebook?

Flower pots


Exquisite flower pots made of real marble are simply great!

Find small marble flower pots and plant small, varied succulents in them. Use it to beautify the window sill or the coffee table in the living room.

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