Child wants to decide for itself what to wear: What parents should consider


Why children have their own mind when it comes to fashion

child wants to decide what to wear

Children can come up with the strangest ideas when it comes to their clothes. Some would like to run around naked every day, even panties are perceived as annoying. Others proudly flaunt their leotards even though physical education classes are long over. Still others – and these are probably most of the local girls – were given Elsa costumes for Mardi Gras, which they always drag to the day care center to play princess.

Sense of style one looks in vain with the little ones, sighed a befriended mother recently. Why also? In order to belong, a child does not have to be tastefully dressed, but simply wear what the others have. It is not for nothing that the superheroes on T-shirts and shoes as well as rhinestones, Disney princesses or optionally unicorns and kittens on the clothes of girls have been booming for many years. While the sight of the many Spidermans rather bores me, the children never seem to get tired of their television heroes. On the contrary, the more of it is in circulation, the greater the child’s interest in it.

Of course there is also stylish children’s fashion, for example here >>. But whether the youngsters like it is another question …

The child wants to decide for himself what to wear

child wants to decide what to wearIt feels good, not only for us grownups, when friends admire the new outfit in amazement. Children feel the same way. Let’s treat them to the fun and let them live out their “fashion phases” without criticizing them for it! First and foremost, children have to please themselves, not us parents.

But very few parents give their children a completely free hand in choosing clothes. How do you know? Just take a look at the little ones and then compare them with mum or dad: Many children look like the miniature mirror image of their parents:

Mommy in well-worn Jesus slippers and long second-hand robes naturally dresses her daughter exclusively according to ecological standards. The dad in baggy pants, on the other hand, turns his little son into a very cool dude. Parents from the residential community would of course never shop at H&M: their kids are dressed in Scandinavian labels, mostly with wild patterns and emphasized individually. The sporty mother, who wore a dress for her own wedding for the first and only time in her life, allows her daughter to live out her pink phase – but only in combination with sweatpants. Not to forget all the brand-loving parents, who of course dress their offspring just as brand-consciously.

Who doesn’t use their child for self-expression? –Even if we are not aware of it and we actually want to avoid it, somehow it gets through, the parental need for representation.

Ultimately, we adults are not that much smarter than our children. We also want to belong. Whatever group.

How much freedom of choice do you give your child?

Naked to daycare? -Even if little daughters like to shine, that doesn’t have to be the case. For better or worse, she had to get used to her hated sun hat, which tends to fly away when riding a bike. I don’t have to give her any more guidelines, because she (in my eyes) dresses sensibly on her own.

Let children decide for themselves when it comes to fashion: How much freedom do you give your kids? Can you decide for yourself when shopping? -With what result …? 😉

I’m looking forward to your feedback!

LG Anne !!!

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