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The nursery represents a whole world in which your child’s unique personality is developing. For this reason, we are particularly careful when choosing the furniture for this room.

Bar modern white dreamlike girly-nursery ideas

The sloping roof with the wooden beams emphasizes the dreamlike atmosphere in this modern, girlish attic room in white

Compared to other rooms in the household, this one is actually multifunctional. All in one: a bedroom, a changing room, a study, a guest room – and of course the place for amusing children’s games. The pieces of furniture should be selected so that they contain everything they need for the growing child, but there must be enough space left over in the meantime. The nursery also changes with the age of the child and needs to be constantly adapted to it. Small children are always on the go jumping, running and playing, their world is an adventure playground. That’s why we offer you some lower, easy-to-reach furniture. These specially made modules unfold the child’s imagination and fantasy.

Spacious nursery in pink and purple window bench-nursery ideas

Spacious children’s room in pink and purple window bench

Slightly older children also need a desk and, if necessary, a school corner. The comfortable ergonomic children’s desk chair, matching cupboards and bookshelves are important parts of the room interior because the child is busy with them during the day. Leisure is just as important for a child, which is why a play area would be very suitable.

Loft bed in white and pink nursery ideas

Loft bed in white and pink

In larger families it is not always possible to have a separate room for each child. In this case, we can recommend a compact set-up – a bunk bed, a children’s loft bed with wardrobe and desk, children’s desks for two people, etc. Let yourself be inspired.

Modern loft bed with desk-children's room ideas

Modern loft bed with integrated desk

Walls purple world map nursery ideas

Lots of romance in this nursery. Do little world explorers grow up here?

Mural gray white diaper table checkerboard rug-nursery ideas

The large mural is the undisputed eye-catcher here

Dreamy ambience in white hot air balloon nursery ideas

Dreamy ambience decorated in white with hot air balloons

Playroom soft colors modern children's room ideas

Modern space in soft colors

Desk modern-nursery ideas

Great study corner with a large desk

Children's pictures present children's room ideas

Children’s pictures can also serve as wall decorations

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