Choosing the right format for your ideas

What exactly is motion graphics?

Motion graphics is a subset or a type of animation which adds movement to otherwise static imagery to provide additional visual stimuli to help your message stand out. 

While animation covers an entire range of moving imagery, motion graphics focus specifically on adding movement to graphic design elements as otherwise it may bore the audience and ultimately drive the viewers away.

Trends in this medium change rather rapidly, which is why finding a right specialist can be crucial to make sure the end product is made using the latest trends and techniques so it looks modern and visually pleasing.

When is a motion graphics video the right choice?

When you want to explain a complex or abstract concept, or even dull financial numbers, in a way that your audience will easily comprehend and remember, then a motion graphics video is a great choice. 

It conveys ideas in an attractive and enjoyable format and can look magic in the hands of expert motion graphics designers. A short video clip of even just a few seconds can get your point across clearly and memorably.

However, custom motion graphics can do a lot more than just explaining ideas. They are also great for illustrating points in a presentation, or creating visual aids and educational material for use as a supplementary teaching tool.

Why use 2D or 3D motion graphics services?

Many industries use motion design to convey messages – marketing and advertising, broadcast, UX/UI (user experience / user interface – on phones, for example) and games, to name just a few.

It takes quite a wide range of skills to create outstanding motion graphics – good taste along with powerful computers and sophisticated software that one knows how to use properly is a major factor in creating quality motion graphics.

If you hire a motion graphics company – it should have all of the technology, creativity and skilled design experts in place – all of which is required to produce captivating videos.

The evolution of motion graphics

While the actual term “motion graphics” was first used in the 1960s, primitive 2D motion design has its roots in devices such as flipbooks from all the way back in the 1800s.

Motion graphics design as we know it today really began with the advent of cinema and moving images. It began to take off in the 1950s and 60s when TV companies made their logos and titles move rather than remain static as was previously the case.

Computers and the digital revolution transformed motion graphics design and made it a lot more common and accessible. 

Popular uses and types of applications

A skilled motion graphics company can produce incredibly powerful videos to suit any purpose. Here are some examples:

Educational videos can be produced using 2D or 3D animation depending on budget and the desired effect on the target audience. They quickly explain what might be difficult to convey in plain text or images only. The sequencing of the information combined with engaging and compelling motion graphics is the key to getting your points across.

Brand videos use motion graphics to achieve the blend of corporate message with superb imagery and music which breathes life into something a bit more mundane with the help of creative vision. What’s more, custom motion graphics for branding have a reusable element that can contribute to a very cost-effective portfolio of high quality versatile marketing material.

UI/UX Design presentations illustrate how a user will interact with a website or an app on a chosen device. Motion graphics can help showcase the User Interface (UI) and as a result, the overall projected User Experience (UX). This is especially helpful when researching new possible options or developing a website or piece of software from scratch and pitching them to stakeholders or explaining the concept to the development teams.

Explainer videos are hugely popular because they excel at explaining products, processes, ideas, concepts or complex subjects, often quite abstract. Moreover, visual learning is the fastest and most effective medium for passing on information. Because of this, such videos map well to our human habits and learning patterns, and convert ideas into easily understandable short videos.

How to engage a good motion graphic design company for your business

The process of design solutions always starts with an informal conversation where you explain what you want to achieve. Fully understanding the objective is the first step of starting a new project. We will be happy to help you along the creative pathway, from a formal brief to scripting, style and so on.

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