Christian Rieck: Instructions for the US import

Christian Rieck: Instructions for the US import

What is already common practice for some retailers is still too big a risk for many private individuals. We are talking about cheaper vehicle imports from abroad. So far, Asian countries have been more interesting in this regard, but due to the historically low dollar exchange rate, private individuals can save up to 30% when buying a vehicle.
Achim Aab explains how exactly this works and what you have to pay attention to on 248 pages in the paperback. The individual steps involved in importing new, used and vintage cars are explained and current laws are presented in a comprehensible manner. This starts with the entry guidelines through to the purchase of the vehicle on site. The information on price lists for the various vehicle types in the USA is particularly useful.
Christian Rieck, US Import Guide: Guide to Cheap Cars From the USIn addition, translations are listed with sample letters and addresses to contact if an import is planned. In addition, all regulations, customs regulations, transport procedures and insurance are explained. Finally, a guide to approval and typing at home is presented, with extensive TÜV and conversion tips as well as notes and warnings.
Achim Aab is not only aimed at dealers, but in particular at private individuals who have been put off by the expense of an overseas import. The book ‘US import instructions – professional tips for buying a car and motorcycle in the USA’, Eschborn 2007, 5th edition has been published by Christian Rieck Verlag and is available for 30 euros.

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