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Christmas decoration house entrance – tips for atmospheric decoration in front of the front door

In a few weeks the festival of festivals is coming, which is expected by young and old with friends and new hope. This is exactly how Christmas is celebrated, in an atmospheric atmosphere, mostly in close family circles. But the pre-Christmas period lasts four weeks and that gives you enough time to prepare for the biggest family celebration on the Christian calendar. Actually, if you already find the time, you can rethink your Christmas decorations and maybe make something pretty yourself. As always, we want to help you with clever ideas and useful tips and are always introducing you to something new for your Christmas decorations. In today’s post we will focus our attention on the Christmas decorations on the house entrance and will show below how you can conjure up a Christmas atmosphere on your doorstep. With our tips you can make your Christmas decoration house entrance stylish and tempting and greet all guests warmly in front of the house.

Your Christmas house entrance decoration must be stylish and enticing.

Weihnachtskranz Girlanden Laternen in Rot und Glanz

  • A fragrant fir wreath is a must in the Christmas decoration of the house entrance

With the decoration ideas for Christmas you have to assume that it has to be as natural and festive as possible at the same time. There has to be a lot of green there, for example fragrant fir branches that have been woven into a wonderful wreath. You know it yourself, without a suitable Christmas wreath outside on the front door, it doesn’t work at all. You can then decorate it further, for example with shiny Christmas balls and a red bow. If you prefer other colors, we would also suggest blue and purple. These are eye-catching and trendy enough and create a sublime festive mood even before the house entrance. Yes, because the party actually begins the moment the guests arrive. Therefore, welcome your visit with a well-arranged Christmas wreath on the front door!

This Christmas wreath on the front door welcomes all of your guests.

Weihnachtsdeko Hauseingang rote Haustür

Be brave and put your ingenuity into play. Then you can also tie a Christmas wreath yourself and add it to your Christmas decoration in the house entrance. How to make such a wreath yourself is shown in the attached video.

  • Other imaginative ideas for house entrance decorations

Depending on the free space available, you can also place two large nutcracker figures on either side of the front door, which greet the guests as soon as they enter the house. These are a great attraction, especially for children, and make the little ones a lot of fun. To the left and right of the front door there can still be wooden lanterns with large pillar candles, which reinforce the magical flair of Christmas. When designing the house entrance Christmas decorations, pay attention to the small details that count. Candles in different sizes and colors are in the right place here. Figures made of wood or metal, such as elves, Christmas gnomes or deer, are always seen on the doorstep. Even huge Christmas tree balls spice up the house entrance at Christmas and create a festive atmosphere even before entering the house.

Beautiful Christmas balls, figurines and matching lighting make your Christmas decorations shine.

Weihnachtsdeko Hauseingang große Weihnachtskugeln Kranz

You can place large nutcracker figures on either side of the front door.

Weihnachtsdeko Hauseingang Nussknacker Figuren beiderseits der Haustür

  • Colors and lighting in the Christmas decoration of the house entrance

Also play with the colors. Do not only use the classic colors red, green and white for the Christmas decorations in front of the house entrance, but look for alternative solutions that also exude a festive charm. Combine this with suitable lighting in silver or gold gloss. For example, the figures can be illuminated in this way, or a shrub or small tree next to them. Evergreen plants in pots or tubs also give you a good opportunity to use built-in Christmas lights. Let thousands of small lights shine festively in the Christmas decoration of the house entrance and hang fairy lights on both sides of the front door and the festive atmosphere is guaranteed.

With fairy lights you can decorate large flower pots or planters and place them in front of the house entrance for Christmas.

Weihnachtsdeko Hauseingang Ideen

Small trees and bushes can appear in the festive light.

Weihnachtsdeko Hauseingang kleine Bäume

Follow our tips and you can’t go wrong with the design of your Christmas decoration house entrance. Our editorial team wishes you a lot of fun decorating and a Merry Christmas!

Decorate in the typical colors of Christmas – red, green and white.

Weihnachtsdeko Hauseingang Figur

Plain Christmas decorations on the house entrance are preferred by many homeowners.

Weihnachtsdeko Hauseingang weiße

Cones, fir branches and red Christmas balls are quite enough in many cases.

Weihnachtsdeko Hauseingang Zapfen Tannenzweige rote Weihnachtskugeln in Blumentöpfen

Colorful shiny balls decorate the window sill.

Weihnachtsdeko Hauseingang farbenfrohe glanzende Kugeln auf dem Fensterbrett

Merry Christmas!

Weihnachtsdeko Hauseingang zwei Kränze Tannenbäume rote Stiefel karierter Schal Laternen

Weihnachtsdeko Hauseingang drei große glänzende Weihnachtskugeln vor Haustür Schnee

Weihnachtsdeko Hauseingang Schnee Kübel Tannenzweige Zapfen

Weihnachtsdeko Hauseingang viel Schnee rote Buchstaben JOY Laterne Kranz

Weihnachtsdeko Hauseingang Kugeln Kerze mattes Licht grüne Zweige

Weihnachtsdeko Hauseingang Kranz Schlittschuhe JOY Buchstaben

Weihnachtsdeko Hauseingang grüne Zweige Zapfen braune Schleife Briefkasten dekorieren

Weihnachtsdeko Hauseingang rote Haustür Stern grüne Girlande

Weihnachtsdeko Hauseingang schöne Beleuchtung am Baum festliche Atmosphäre

Weihnachtsdeko Hauseingang zwei grüne Kränze dekorieren die Haustür

Weihnachtsdeko Hauseingang Kränze Laterne Brennholz machen den Hauseingang gemütlich

Weihnachtsdeko Hauseingang kleine Tannenbäume in Kübeln Schlitten schlichte Deko

Weihnachtsdeko Hauseingang einfache aber stilvolle Deko vor der Haustür Schlitten Laterne an der Wand

Weihnachtsdeko Hauseingang Tannenbäume Weihnachtskranz an der Tür Lichter Girlanden

Weihnachtsdeko Hauseingang gemütliche Sitzecke Bank rote Wurfdecke Laternen schön dekriert

Weihnachtsdeko Hauseingang schlichte Deko viel Schnee

Weihnachtsdeko Hauseingang Schlitten Kranz Tannenzweige einfache Deko

Weihnachtsdeko Hauseingang Schlitten Tannenzweige Girlande einfache Deko

Weihnachtsdeko Hauseingang Details von simplen Deko Schlittschuhe roter Schal Briefkasten

Weihnachtsdeko Hauseingang Stern über der Haustür mit grünem Tannenzweig

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