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Christmas decoration outside

Decorating your home for Christmas is the ultimate way to show off your individuality. In a number of articles we already have numerous creative ideas and practical tips for you Christmas decoration presented at home. Today we want to devote our attention to the front garden and show you excellent examples in our photo gallery of how you can make it inviting and festive. If you follow at least part of these decoration ideas, your house entrance will appear very Christmassy, ​​invite you and your guests to cozy Christmas events and radiate a bit of shine and glamor. Because especially with the decoration outside and inside you can create a magical atmosphere for this year’s Christmas, in which you can comfortably celebrate the big party and spend many unforgettable hours together with friends and family. We show some decoration ideas that are just as easy to implement as they are magical. Add some fun and festive flair to the front of your house with these unexpected Christmas ornaments. Browse through our picture gallery and find great decoration ideas that best suit your ideas and wishes. Then try to imitate them in front of your house and welcome your friends and relatives in a special way. Because the big Christmas festival begins on the street and lasts a long time in our hearts. Get an unbelievable result in good time that will stay in your memory for a long time.

christmas decoration

Hang such bright baskets outside and give your guests a special welcome!

There are really amazing Christmas decoration ideas out there. Our first idea belongs to this category in particular: create hanging baskets that sparkle all winter long by illuminating them from the inside. Use woven vine baskets and a string of lights that you wrap around the basket. The small lamps sparkle like pearls in the air and spread the magic of Christmas. Put various small plastic ornaments in the basket to enhance the effect. Now your glowing baskets are ready and you can hang them outside where they can easily be seen from the streets.


Paper lights decorate the garden and bring the magic of Christmas to your home

You don’t need to spend a lot of money on extraordinary Christmas decorations, because it gives simple and cheap ideas for decorating your home and garden. You will soon find out how to make your garden area shine in the Christmas light: fold paper bags into dramatic lights by cutting out your own designs with a craftsman’s knife, punch and scissors. Place them outside in front of the house entrance or in the garden and create a particularly festive atmosphere outside! Your garden will not only be well lit, it will also look cozy and inviting during the entire winter festival season!

winter decoration christmas

Christmas decorations for outside

Use your veranda as a scene of your creativity and skill and give the outside area in front of the house a special festive charm. There are no limits to the design and decoration options. Hanging baskets filled with sparkling accents large and smaller snowflakes that shimmer at night and lots of pine branches that give off a fresh scent. And thats just the beginning! Then it continues with all sorts of Christmas wreaths and garlands, fairy lights and hanging lights that express the romantic note of the festival correctly, endless glittering Christmas balls and, and, and … A snow – and a Santa Claus must not be missing, because without them there is none Christmas party imaginable. You make the decoration outside! And the many small and large decorative items with which we decorate indoors and outdoors every year and await the festival full of joy and hope!

Happy Christmas to everyone!


Make your front yard inviting for passers-by and guests!


The typical Christmas colors – red, green and white predominate in the outdoor decoration!


Express your individuality!

christmas decoration facade

It sparkles everywhere during the Christmas season!

christmas decor ideas

…. And it’s snowing….

christmas decoration outdoor

Snowflakes decorate the porch


When it comes to outdoor decoration, you need a definite eye-catcher

christmas decoration porch ideas

Make yourself comfortable outside and enjoy a few sunny hours there


Also decorate the window ledge for Christmas


Christmas is a happy and eventful time


Merry Christmas!


An unforgettable Christmas 2016!

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