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Christmas decorations for a happy celebration at home

It’s Christmas soon and you can already feel the anticipation in the air. We all think about how to decorate our apartments and houses and create a cozy atmosphere at home this year, right? We’re happy to show you lots of practical tips and creative ideas for in a series of articles Your Christmas decoration at home. Stick with it and find new inspiration!

Great Santa suits for your silver cutlery


These Santa suits hide your silver cutlery on the festive table

Great things also go well with the largest family celebration Silver cutlery on the banquet table, isn’t it? These fun Santa suits are just made to decorate your table and keep the cutlery ready to go. This would make every possible Christmas table look great! This fabulous decoration idea has another important trick: the Santa suits for your silver cutlery can be used every year. They will always bring additional color and decorative effect to your Christmas table.

A beautiful Christmas tablecloth is now a must


Get yourself a nice tablecloth and decorate your dining table accordingly!

If you don’t have a Christmas tablecloth by now, then it’s time to get one. There is currently a wide range of products on the market, so you are sure to find something that suits you. Your Christmas tablecloth should perfectly match the table dimensions and be thematically decorated. The typical Christmas colors red, green and gold come out very well on an eggshell white background. Printed patterns reinforce the warming and cheerful effect and are completely in line with the spirit of Christmas.

Decorative wall plate for Christmas


This Christmas plate always looks great on the wall, on a side table or on the dining table!

Christmas is precisely the time we like to spend with friends from near and far. This is also the time for pleasant surprises. With a small or a bigger one Christmas gift you can not only please the children, but also give a lot of love to all adults. But above all, it’s the time for more enjoyment for the eyes and thumb. Delicious cookies, Christmas cakes and other treats are now on the beautifully decorated Christmas table. A small addition to your festive tableware set would be a plate decorated for Christmas. It can be used as a beautiful wall decoration or stand directly on the banquet table. In both cases, jewelry looks great!

Flameless candle for your Christmas table


Celebrate Christmas by candlelight!

Equipped with flickering LED light, this flameless candle lights up on the Christmas table and spices it up. Don’t worry, it’s completely safe to use! Your glass ball is decorated for Christmas and is a great addition to your Christmas decorations. It will definitely turn into a preferred eye-catcher that young and old will find great.

A small, dainty Christmas tree made of glass


Are you delighted with so much beauty this Christmas?

Perhaps you are still looking for new design options for Christmas in the run-up to Christmas? Do you want something different to the traditional one Christmas decoration too Home Add? This small but fine Christmas tree made of glass exceeds all expectations for beautiful jewelry. It was blown by skilled craftsmen in Italy and is unique. It looks ideal from head to toe, as a Christmas present or as a decoration in the living room.

Atmospheric Santa Klaus serving bowl

atmospheric-santa-klaus-serving bowl

Everyone would love to nibble on this serving bowl, right?

Did you know you can invite Santa Claus home without going to the North Pole? You can use this practical Santa Klaus bowl anywhere in the apartment to offer your guests Christmas cookies or other goodies. And with it you are sure to impress friends and family members in the run-up to Christmas.

Christmas decorations made of wood


Bring some natural flair to your Christmas decorations!

This handmade Christmas ornament is made from birch wood and adds a natural touch to your holiday decorations. Each piece is carefully crafted and has a high quality finish. The set consists of 5 pieces and depicts trees and snowflakes, finished with homemade, non-toxic beeswax.

Gift bags shaped like Christmas gnomes


With these gift bags for Christmas you can pleasantly surprise young and old.

These small gift bags hide little surprises for your children. The little treasures always impatiently await Santa Claus and look forward to the festival. These gift bags are also a great surprise for every child. They are shaped like Christmas gnomes and made in the typical Christmas colors of green, red and white, which makes them look even more festive. They’re just perfect for office parties, small kids’ gifts, and trinkets.

Chair covers in red and white look so festive!


Have you seen chair covers like this before?

These festive chair covers are great fun for everyone and can quickly decorate your home. Your chairs around the festive table no longer need any further decoration. The funny covers are completely in their place and make your home look even more festive!

Our favorite among the Christmas decorations: a wine glass decorated as a reindeer

christmas decoration wine glasses

Celebrate this Christmas with friends and family over a glass of wine!

We left the best for the end. But honestly, this skillfully decorated wine glass is our favorite among all Christmas decoration ideas. The kids have already gone to sleep and it’s time for the adults to party! Comfortably at home or among friends, everyone can take a little drink after the hustle and bustle. With this reindeer wine glass you are sure to forget all stress!

Merry Christmas! And celebrate without hesitation, because you deserve it!

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