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Christmas decorations outside, so that it is all around festive

“Silent night, holy night …”, we all love the Christmas carol! At the moment it is ringing everywhere, because the time has come. We no longer count the days, but the hours until Christmas Eve. Hopefully this year you will also be able to do without the usual Christmas stress. Have you already decorated your home, baked cookies and wrapped gifts? But have you forgotten something, haven’t you? We put it this way: it has to be festive all around, which is why your outdoor area also needs suitable Christmas decorations. As always, we can help you with a few clever tips. In the following we show nice ideas for a stylish Christmas decoration outside. Some of them can be done in the last minute before the festival, but they all bring the spirit and magic of Christmas with them. Therefore, decorate your house entrance and the front yard and create a unique atmosphere outside that gets you, your neighbors and random passers-by in the mood for the party.

Christmas decorations outside – make your house entrance inviting!

Weihnachtsdeko für draußen den Hauseingang einladend machen festlich schmücken Tannengrün an Säulen zwei Weihnachtskränze verzierte Pflanzgefäße

The traditional colors, a lot of green, a little white and red, should not be missing in the Christmas decorations outside.

Weihnachtsdeko für draußen den Hauseingang schmücken traditionelle Farben Grün Weiß Rot verpackte Geschenke vor der Haustür große rote Schleifen

Christmas decorations outside – decorate the house entrance!

It is best to start with the entrance area! Most house residents opt for traditional decoration in front of the house entrance. For example, hang beautiful Christmas wreaths on the front door, decorate the door frame with garlands made of fir green, ideally combined with small LED lamps. In such a Christmas decoration outside, the classic colors red, green and a little white dominate. However, it could also be different! You can choose other colors according to your own preferences and decorate the house entrance in silver, blue or snow white. It is also common to add large figures, such as a snowman or two nutcrackers, lanterns or tall planters with fir trees. When it comes to beautiful Christmas decorations outside, you really have a lot of design options available and you can let your creativity run free.

These two large planters are so beautifully arranged with pine green, cones, red berries and birch branches that they attract everyone’s attention.

Weihnachtsdeko für draußen zwei große Pflanzgefäße vor dem Hauseingang Tannengrün Zapfen rote Beeren Birkenzweige

Give old lanterns a second chance and use them outside as Christmas decorations.

Weihnachtsdeko für draußen zwei Laternen vor dem Hauseingang mit Christbaumkugeln gefüllt mit Tannengrün und roten Beeren verziert

It couldn’t be more rustic!

Weihnachtsdeko für draußen im rustikalen Stil drei Zinkeimer Tannenbäume darin

Weihnachtsdeko für draußen rustikal geschmückte Ecke auf der Veranda

If you’ve got a lot of snow for Christmas, the better! Your decoration in front of the house entrance comes out well!

Weihnachtsdeko für draußen Hauseingang dekorieren viel Schnee Tannengrün Kranz Schlitten Laternen im Schnee

Sometimes a little detail can make your Christmas decorations extra cute outside! This cute Santa Claus welcomes the guests.

Weihnachtsdeko für draußen niedlicher Weihnachtsmann aus Holz die Gäste willkommen heißen

What else could your Christmas decorations outside contain?

As we all know well, the beauty lies in the small details that often have a powerful visual effect. It is therefore worth paying more attention to the small decorative items. The next picture examples will convince you exactly of their value in every Christmas decoration outside. For example, arrange symbolic or typical Christmas decorations in front of the house and make your front yard shine. With large candy canes (maybe made by yourself?) Or labeled Christmas trees made of wood, you are sure to make a stylish impression on neighbors and passers-by. On the one hand you arouse enthusiasm, on the other hand you promote a good festive mood among other people. What if that wasn’t a big reason for your Christmas decorations outside?

Large candy canes decorate the mailbox.

Weihnachtsdeko für draußen große selbstgebastelte Zuckerstangen schmücken den Briefkasten

Tinker three small Christmas trees out of wood and label them nicely.

Weihnachtsdeko für draußen drei kleine Tannenbäume aus Holz nett beschriften

These Christmas wreaths with red Christmas tree balls can be seen from afar.

Weihnachtsdeko für draußen Weihnachtskränze mit roten Christbaumkugeln Hingucker von weitem

Combine LED lighting and Christmas decorations outside

In winter the days get shorter and the nights longer. Outside it gets dark earlier and it is nicer if the entrance to the house and the front yard are well lit. By the way, you know, there is nothing better than an atmospheric, glowing Christmas decoration outside. On cold evenings, it not only brightens up your outdoor area, but also creates a cheerful mood for onlookers. For example, you can opt for LED lights and fairy lights and attach them to the house entrance. In this way, you can bathe your front door in soft light in the evening.

Combine the Christmas decorations outside with LED lighting and make it even more attractive.

Weihnachtsdeko für draußen LED Beleuchtung eine attraktive Gestaltung am Hauseingang

Weihnachtsdeko für draußen LED Beleuchtung attraktive Außengestaltung am Hauseingang

A small decorative basket with glittering red balls and LED lights creates a wow factor.

Weihnachtsdeko für draußen glitzernde rote Kugeln LED Lichter Wow Effekt

You can also find a lot of other things for outdoor festive lighting on the market at the moment. Here we mean different figures, icicles, light trees and light balls that are intended precisely for outdoor use. Solar lighting is also on the rise, e.g. solar lanterns, gnomes and owls. You can use it to create a fairytale-like, festive atmosphere in your front yard, on the balcony or on the veranda that will please young and old. And makes everyone’s heart beat faster!

Tea lights in the snow …

Weihnachtsdeko für draußen Teelichter in Glasgefäßen im Schnee

or solar lamps? You decide!

Weihnachtsdeko für draußen Glasgefäße mit Solar Lampen im Schnee Rosmarinblätter

Our extra tip: Please observe all safety measures and rules for outdoor lighting in your state. The festive lighting must often not be brighter than it is on site. Also consider the night time of 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. During this period of time, your Christmas outdoor lighting must not disturb your neighbors under any circumstances. It is better to find out more about the rules that apply to you.

Our editorial team wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Also, be careful with burning candles outside!

Weihnachtsdeko für draußen Esstisch weihnachtlich dekoriert drei Kerzen in Glas

The Christmas decorations outside are so beautiful!

Weihnachtsdeko für draußen vor dem Haus auf der Straße schön weihnachtlich dekorieren Hingucker

Weihnachtsdeko für draußen tolles Arrangement mit Birkenzweigen viel Tannengrün immergrüne Pflanzen

Weihnachtsdeko für draußen Korb an der Wand kleine Zweige Trockenkräuter als Schmuck

A Christmas decoration outside in a rustic style is in great demand.

Weihnachtsdeko für draußen im rustikalen Stil Rot und Grün dominieren Schlitten Schlittschuhe

Weihnachtsdeko für draußen Ecke auf der Veranda weihnachtlich schmücken Holzbank komische Figur

Weihnachtsdeko für draußen im rustikalen Stil kleiner Korb aus Metall Rosmarin Zweige darin

Weihnachtsdeko für draußen Kranz aus Eis mit großer Schleife am Stuhl

Weihnachtsdeko für draußen hängendes Glasgefäß für die Außenbeleuchtung

Weihnachtsdeko für draußen Einwegglas im Schnee mit glitzernden Kugeln darin

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