Clash Of Three Kingdoms How To Get Special Heroes

How to Get Special Heroes in Clash of the Three Kingdoms

You may have wondered how to get special heroes for Clash of the Three Kingdoms. Luckily, there are some steps that you can take to help you get them. First, go to the App Store. Scroll down to Account, then tap on Clash of Three Kingdoms. Once there, tap on the “subscription” button and confirm your decision. You can also cancel your subscription by clicking on the “subscription” button.

To level up your special heroes, you will need to accumulate as much experience possible. You can use the experience to buy higher tier units and heroes. You can also gain experience by leveling up your heroes, which will increase their HP and stats. You can use these to expand your territory and help your army win wars.

The game’s storyline revolves around 100 heroes. The game also features an interesting chess-style combat system and features a number of other features. You can team up with friends and challenge each other in various domains. You can watch the tutorial to get started if you’re new to the game.

You can also use your city’s resources to improve your city. You can also use the special kingdom and city commands. These can boost your city development or increase your attack power when attacking cities. However, you should note that these actions require a good amount of time.

The special abilities of these Heroes are not new, but they do have some differences that make them better. For instance, you should play these heroes with the Summoner class, which will give you a nice Mana/Health and Special Skills boost. Likewise, if you play a Summoner with one of these heroes, you’ll be able to equip a Wu Soldier Minion, which will deal an additional 255 Burn damage over three turns.

A general can also be equipped. Although they are the easiest to get, the blue and purple quality generals have great skills. They can be formidable enemies for your enemies. They can also be used to support characters. They have high healing abilities and can restore your allies.

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