Clean aluminum rims quickly and easily!

IMG_3088I no longer store my aluminum rims at the workshop. My experience was that the rims came back from the warehouse only roughly clean despite “cleaning”. I now clean my summer Alus easily and quickly with some water, shampoo and microfiber towels in the garage – in the following way it just takes time 30 minutes and the rims are absolutely clean.


1. Car before tire change drive through the car wash. If you drive the car through a car wash (with rim washing) before changing the tyres, the coarse dirt is already well removed!

2. The removed summer wheels or summer rims are now set up – either outdoors or in the garage. I always place one of the large plastic bags under the tires that the tires are packed into for transport in the workshop.

3. For cleaning I use the following products from our article “Basic equipment for hand washing cars”:

– Microfiber towels
– Two Gridguard buckets (or just regular buckets)
– Sonax rim cleaner spray
– A rim brush
– Chemical Guys car shampoo

4. In a bucket I put warm clear waterin the other warm water with the Chemical Guys Shampoo.

5. At Clean I clean the rims the inside first, then the actually visible outside! First the rims from the inside sprayed thinly with rim cleaner (4 times per rim is enough!). I distribute the rim cleaner with the wet rim brush something and use it to loosen the coarse dirt first. Now I dip one of the microfiber cloths into the shampoo water and wash the rim with it from the inside. This works relatively mess-free with very little water! Subsequently I dry the inside lightly with another cloth and remove dirt residues. Then turn the wheel over and clean the rims from the visible outside again with shampoo water. The bucket with clear water is used for Rinsing the dirty towels, before they return to the (reasonably) clean shampoo water. Finally I wipe the rims roughly dry and let them dry for a few more hours before storing them.


rim after cleaning

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