Clear lines and cool colors make up the modern living room

A living room has to be a place where family members relax, chat and even stretch out all four of them. In the living room they like to sit together, chat and have fun. But for those who are into design and style, the living space must be the connecting element between all other rooms in the house. In today’s post we want to show you the latest trends in living room furnishings. Using 10 picture examples with modern living rooms, we explain trendy concepts that present the living space as the heart of the house. In all of these modernly furnished rooms, priority has been given to elegant sofas and chic sofa sets. Clear lines and cool colors prevail there and create the cozy atmosphere.

modern living room

This modern living room exudes pure harmony and a lot of sophistication

In an open floor plan, the slightest color shift can express or at least suggest everything. Here we see a strict, white living atmosphere in which a beige sofa is immediately apparent. This piece of furniture in particular separates the living area from the white surroundings.

living room-furnishing-wood flooring

Round columns separate this modern living room into a few individual areas

We emphasized right at the beginning: clear lines and cool colors characterize the modern living room. Under no circumstances should it be overcrowded with fancy furniture, on the contrary! The trend is towards minimalist design and industrial style. Our picture example shows a chic living room again, which is divided into individual areas by round interior columns. The pillars as an architectural element always have something playful and romantic about them, and here it is given to the ambience.

eclectic living room

An eclectic living room, which, however, is subordinate to a uniform color scheme

This French style living room has an eclectic design. Its color scheme makes it very warm and appealing.

teak ideas

Teak can be used both indoors and outdoors

Teak is used here as a floor covering in the living room and it warms up the whole room with its rich brown shade. If the sun could shine in here, we would ask ourselves: where exactly are we? In the living room or outside in the outdoor area?

furnishing luxury living room

Here one has thought of the smallest details and created a living room full of harmony

Slate gray walls, a deep blue sofa and other cool nuances determine the chic, modern atmosphere in this living room. Do you feel like it looks like a storm and thunderstorm?

wall stickers

Great wall stickers in a white and gray unit

From white to gray in all their shades, the dominant colors are executed in this super elegant living room. The bare tree branches on the wall emphasize the chosen color palette. These wall stickers bring a dreamy touch to the room.

monochrome living room furnishings

Well-drawn lines, absolutely clear shapes and a monochrome color scheme ensure order and cleanliness

The stone wall immediately catches everyone’s eye in this living room. It is in visual harmony with the open ceiling beams in white. Everything here radiates order and cleanliness.


This living room looks very homely and cozy, where straight lines and clear shapes dominate

Lime green accents and a magical look characterize this modern living room. It has an open floor plan so that you can do different activities in one place.

accent wall

A living room with black walls and an accent wall in gold glitter

Black walls and a glossy accent wall! You can rarely see such an ambience! Its special magical aura is enhanced by the dark colors of the seating furniture. Just a couple of bright throw pillows break the rather dark look!

white living room

White makes this living room look wider and more open

In this small living room, the living area has been combined with the eat-in kitchen, although the space is quite limited. In such a case, you rely on the color scheme. The designers did the same here and the result is more than promising! You have chosen white as the basic color and added a few accents in black! The whole room now feels more open and homely!

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