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Clever design ideas for the children’s room

The children have many wishes, but mostly they want to imitate their parents for who they are and constantly compare themselves to mum and dad.

So that your little ones are not jealous of the furniture in your living room and / or bedroom, designers have clever design ideas for the children’s room where the furniture looks like a mini version of this in the parents’ room. Here you don’t have to compromise with the furnishing style, because the mini furniture doesn’t look too cute. They perfectly correspond to the wishes of your little treasures to live like adults. We have selected 10 great examples of mini furniture for you and put them together in our picture gallery. Take a look and be inspired for new furnishings in your children’s room!

Gestaltungsideen Kinderzimmer Tische

Small but chic tables? Or stool, however?

Available in four pastel colors, these contemporary tables and stools are a must in any little treasure playroom.

clevere Gestaltungsidee Kinderbett

Paintable or easily paintable pine is the most preferred material for children’s furniture and toys

Pine is the most preferred material for beds. That’s a good reason for buying a pine crib for the realm of your little treasures. This type of wood is easy to paint or paint over. In this way, Sie get a mini pine bed in the classic shape, which goes perfectly with every color scheme and in every children’s room interior.

Möbel Kinderzimmergestaltung

Simply made smaller! The mini version of the adult furniture is a wonderful option for the little ones.

You can position this mini couch and mini armchair in soft pastel colors in your living room and create a special seating area for your children there. Or this mini furniture belongs in the nursery, where it fulfills this function perfectly and makes the interior appear cute.

Gestaltungsideen Kinderzimmer Regalwand

Classic in retro style – a practical shelf wall in mini format for the books and toys of the little ones

This is a classic design of a practical shelf wall in mini format. The main plus point is that everything on it is easily accessible for the toddlers. The little ones can arrange their books there or store their toys. These things are at eye level and are always to hand. Do your children need something else to have fun in their room?

Kinderzimmer clevere Gestaltungsideen

Small cute suitcases in soft pastel colors make the little ones feel like they’re grown up and are traveling around the world!

Small suitcases in sky blue and delicate pink spice up the children’s room and create the feeling that the little ones are in a hotel somewhere in the world. Of course, these also have a practical function – they are good storage options for children’s clothing or toys.

Zimmer Ideen Daunendecke

This down comforter in a chevron pattern will keep the little feet of your treasures warm at night and add a cool color accent in the nursery.

Gestaltungsideen Kinderzimmer Schminktisch

Dressing table for little movie stars

The perfect place for little girls or future movie stars! At this dressing table, your little daughter can get ready for kindergarten or a walk outside. The elegant A-shaped frame is very slim and saves space. It is a great aesthetic addition to the children’s room design. The built-in mirror immediately attracts everyone’s attention!

Bettwäsche Kinderzimmer Blumenmuster deko Ideen

Bed linen with a floral pattern for the cot – so cute and appealing!

kleine Kommode Kinderzimmergestaltung

This small chest of drawers on wooden legs is an absolute must in the nursery

Clean lines, pastel colors and elegant wooden legs make this chest of drawers an indispensable piece of furniture that inscribes itself well in every modern children’s room.

Designer Nachttischlampe Kinderzimmer

Soft light in the children’s room – this elegantly designed bedside lamp guarantees you the right lighting in the realm of your little treasures

Kinderzimmer gestalten Möbel Schreibtisch

If you want to become a master, you practice early

Organize your children’s room in such a way that they always feel comfortable there and enjoy spending their time in their own realm. This elegant desk is a great way to do this, where the little ones can write homework or even play on the computer.

Kinderzimmer gestalten clevere ideen

Design the children’s room in great patterns and colors!

A colorful nursery is always tempting! Select the furniture specifically so that you can introduce more color into the children’s room interior with the individual pieces of furniture. Light wood is very appropriate here. But that’s not enough for a cozy children’s room design. Colorful window glass, hanging lamps, chest of drawers with blue-colored fronts, a softly patterned carpet in shades of blue and cheerfully colored bed linen – these are the details that create a cozy atmosphere in the children’s room!

Kinderzimmer schöner Kleiderschrank Mini Format

This cabinet cuts a fine figure in the baby room

Our last clever design idea for mini furniture in the nursery is very cool and has a compact look. This white-gray cabinet is just perfect for a baby room. The drawers offer enough storage space and the cloakroom can accommodate baby and children’s clothing. The closet is of course a mini version of this in your bedroom, right?

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