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Clever ideas for gorgeous interior designs with skylights in the attic room

It is always a big but very interesting challenge to design and furnish the living area in the attic. You have to take the sloping ceilings into account when furnishing, but you often feel limited by this architecture. It is much easier to design a normal room with straight walls and ceilings. The attic rooms have a very big advantage compared to the usual rooms – the ideal opportunity for great skylights. In this article, we’re going to show you our cool suggestions for inspiring bedroom designs with gorgeous skylights. Of course, we will give you some good tips so that you can best plan the attic.

attic-skylight-bedroom-bed linen-black

Side skylights in the bedroom

The skylights provide enough daylight, which is much healthier than the artificial light. You can also enjoy breathtaking views every day – beautiful landscapes, the calming blue sky, dramatic storm clouds or romantic stars at night. The skylights are a very clever method of interior design, with which one can make smaller rooms appear larger and more spacious. The sloping ceilings often create the feeling that the room is very narrow and small, but the unobstructed view of the sky or into the distance changes this fact completely.


Cozy bedroom with large skylights

If you have decided on skylights in the attic room, you are on the right way to create a cozy attic. If you have a skylight in the bedroom, you can position your bed directly under the skylight or a little to the side of it. In this case, you don’t need privacy screens, but sun protection is a must so you can get a good night’s sleep on the weekends. In addition, this way you can easily avoid the strong sun rays in summer. Depending on the architecture in the bedroom, you can use blinds, blinds or curtains. The blackout textiles block the light up to 100% and so they guarantee you calm sheep even in the bright part of the day. The skylights in the living room are the perfect place for the sofa or for a small and cozy reading corner, where the sun’s rays are sure to improve your mood. The kitchen and dining area are also not a problem in the attic. Use the skylight as a high-quality light source above the dining table or next to the worktop and reduce the use of artificial light.


Blackout blinds on the skylights are a must in the bedroom

Unleash your imagination and be inspired by our picture gallery with gorgeous interior designs with skylights!

skylight mansard dining room dining table

Skylights transform the boring sloping ceilings into a great eye-catcher in the interior


Romantic living room in the attic with floor cushions and rustic beams

living room-reading-corner-design-skylight-mansard

You can create the ideal reading corner next to the skylight


A bright bedroom in the attic


Practical kitchen on the roof


Constantly observing the blue sky is very calming and relaxing

Skylight mansard living room sofa round coffee tables

Decorate the skylights with simple shelves where you can organize your books and houseplants nicely


Even the smallest room looks visually more spacious with a large skylight


Bring out the sturdy beams in the attic

skylight bedroom floor lamp bedside table

The skylights are not an obstacle to design a modern bedroom

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