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Clever ideas for your autumn decoration with pine cones – what can you do?

Autumn is here and delights our eyes and soul every day with its blaze of color, which ranges from pale yellow to orange and red to ocher and brown. With every walk in the forest or during a forest hike, you can feel the beauty of autumnal nature up close and bring wonderful finds home with you. You probably already know the 4 trends in autumn decorations that we recently presented to you. Today we go one step further and present you with interesting ideas for autumn decorations with pine cones. Stick with it and let the charming examples inspire you. First of all, such a decoration is easy to make and can also work well for any beginner. On the other hand, you can have them for months. That means you decorate your own four walls with pine cones not only in autumn, but also for Christmas and New Year’s Eve. So it will stay up to date until the end of winter.

The cold season comes with beautiful colors and numerous gifts of nature.

Herbstdeko mit Tannenzapfen auf ein Holztablett arrangiert Zapfen Eicheln kleine Kürbisse Äpfel weiße Kerzen mit roter Schleife

Your table decoration can be a reflection of the autumnal nature.

Herbstdeko mit Tannenzapfen farbenfrohe Tischdeko Herzstück

  • Beautiful autumn decorations with pine cones decorate the dining table

Pine cones are more natural than any other find in the forest. They are easy to edit for any autumn / winter decoration for indoors and outdoors. For example, you can leave the pine cones as they are. But if you wish, you can make them even more attractive with spray paint or glitter spray. In addition, it is very easy to design the autumn decoration with pine cones. You enroll seamlessly everywhere. So that these little treasures of nature come into their own, you can use them for a center piece on the dining table. In this case, combine the pine cones with other gifts that nature gives us in autumn. For example, you can create something really beautiful with pine cones, pumpkins, acorns, chestnuts, and a few fall flowers. You don’t need anything for this except your imagination and the autumn decoration is ready in no time! The following pictures illustrate it!

Let your imagination play a role in decorating!

Herbstdeko mit Tannenzapfen Mittelstück auf dem Esstisch

Herbstdeko mit Tannenzapfen Mittelstück auf dem Esstisch bunte Blätter kleine Kürbisse weiße Kerzen sehr ansprechendes Arrangement

Herbstdeko mit Tannenzapfen mit schönen Herbstblumen in einem Glasbehälter arrangiert

Herbstdeko mit Tannenzapfen Herzstück auf dem Esstisch Herbstblätter Kürbisse Kerzen

You are probably wondering what you can put your autumn decorations with pine cones on? In this regard, there are no limits to you, because everything would be suitable for the autumn jewelry at home. You can take a vintage stand and arrange pine cones, pomegranates, acorns and nuts on it and complete this decoration with colorful autumn leaves. In addition, the autumn decoration with pine cones also looks wonderful on a tray on the dining table or in a beautiful bowl. If you like a strong natural flair in your table decorations, then take a wooden board or a wooden bowl and arrange the gifts of nature in it. A couple of candles give this autumn decoration with pine cones and Co. an enchanting, natural and somewhat Romanesque look. Such an arrangement would be ideal for every occasion and for the coming Christmas party.

Your autumn decorations can be so colorful and natural!

Herbstdeko mit Tannenzapfen Mittelstück mit Beeren getrocknete Pilze in einer Porzellanschüssel

Instead of a porcelain bowl, you can also use a glass jug for this purpose.

Herbstdeko mit Tannenzapfen Glaskanne mit Zapfengefüllt und mit Herbstblumen geschmückt

The table decoration with pine cones can also be very simple, but very beautiful.

Herbstdeko mit Tannenzapfen Tischdeko in einer Schüssel mit weißen Kürbissen schlicht schön

Herbstdeko mit Tannenzapfen in Vintage Style schlicht und schön

Herbstdeko mit Tannenzapfen auf einem Holzbrett schlicht sehr stilvoll

  • What do pine cones go well with in the autumn decoration?

We have already mentioned that pine cones are real all-rounders in autumn / winter decoration at home. They can best be combined with other gifts of nature. For example, if you want to create a great arrangement with pumpkins of all types, sizes and colors, add a few pine cones. Leave the last so natural without any editing. They look perfect and some have a nice smell of forest. Pine cones also cut a fine figure alongside berries, dried mushrooms, moss, acorns and nuts. The decoration ideas to combine them with fresh fruits such as apples and pears are very popular. Citrus fruits and autumn blossoms also write well in such autumn decorations with pine cones. You can’t go wrong with this, so it’s okay to decorate!

The pine cones can be treated with spray paint to create a fun, colorful arrangement.

Herbstdeko mit Tannenzapfen mit Sprühfarbe in Blau Rot Schneeweiß Vase mit Herbstblume in Orange

Or leave them as natural as they are!

Herbstdeko mit Tannenzapfen natürlicher Look kreativ arrangiert im Flechtkorb

Herbstdeko mit Tannenzapfen natürlicher Look kreativ arrangiert im Flechtkorb ideen

Herbstdeko mit Tannenzapfen verschiedene Größen auf einem Holzbrett natürlicher Look silberne Schale

A little green never hurts!

Herbstdeko mit Tannenzapfen grüne Blätter schönes Arrangement im rustikalen Stil

Last but not least, we would like to point out that a cool autumn decoration with pine cones not only makes your dining table shine. You can also place creative arrangements on the windowsill or the mantelpiece and provide great eye-catchers. But also outside in front of the front door you can decorate with pine cones. Make your own wreath out of cones and look forward to the coming holidays. How to do this quickly and easily, see the following video:

If tying a wreath with pine cones seems too complicated, you can at least make a garland yourself. Then hang it up where it comes out best and attracts everyone’s attention. With this you definitely welcome autumn into your home. And you gain another important advantage – your good mood cannot be spoiled and you start the cold season full of optimism! We want to wish you that! Have fun creating your autumn decorations with pine cones!

Have you already decorated your entrance area in front of the house for autumn?

Herbstdeko mit Tannenzapfen den Eingangsbereich vor dem Haus mit Naturfunden dekorieren

Such a beautiful autumn wreath makes every wall shine, doesn’t it?

Herbstdeko mit Tannenzapfen schöner Herbstkranz ein toller Blickfang an einer weißen Wand

This garland on the mantelpiece fills the room with autumn flair.

Herbstdeko mit Tannenzapfen Girlande am Kaminsims erfüllt den Raum mit herbstlichem Flair

Combined with a chain of lights, the garland made of pine cones looks really eye-catching.

Herbstdeko mit Tannenzapfen Girlande am Kaminsims mit Lichterkette kombiniert eyecatching

If you are skilled enough, turn a few pine cones into candle holders and enjoy your wonderful creation!

Herbstdeko mit Tannenzapfen zwei große Zapfen in Kerzenhalter verwandelt schöner Blickfang

You can also do creative handicrafts with dry citrus fruits.

Herbstdeko mit Tannenzapfen Girlande aus Zapfen und trockenen Zitrusfrüchten

Here it smells of cinnamon and dry citrus fruits.

Herbstdeko mit Tannenzapfen Einmachglas mit Zimtstäbchen getrocknete Früchte Zapfen Nüsse grüne Blätter

Christmas is not far away!

Herbstdeko mit Tannenzapfen auf dem Kaminsims mit weihnachtlichem Flair

Herbstdeko mit Tannenzapfen auf einem Holzbrett angeordnet schöner Weihnachtsschmuck

In the meantime, enjoy the colorful autumn season!

Herbstdeko mit Tannenzapfen toller Blickfang schöne Farben Blumen im Kürbis arrangiert Birnen Granatäpfel Beeren Blätter

Herbstdeko mit Tannenzapfen toller Blickfang schöne Farben Blumen im Kürbis

Welcome autumn!

Herbstdeko mit Tannenzapfen Vase aus Glas herbstlich dekoriert auf dem Kaffeetisch

Herbstdeko mit Tannenzapfen Glas mit Linsen und Maiskörnern gefüllt herbstlich dekoriert

Herbstdeko mit Tannenzapfen Blickfang auf dem gedeckten Esstisch Kürbisse Zapfen grüne Blätter

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